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How To Tie A Turban

by Fashionlady
How To Tie A Turban

How To Tie A Turban

This winter throw in a lot of colour to your ensembles and style, and do this by wearing colourful headscarves and turbans. Did we hear you say you don’t know how to tie a turban? Why worry when we are here to teach you various ways on how to tie a turban.

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5 Interesting Ways On How To Tie a Turban Scarf

How To Tie a Turban Scarf

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Try The African Head Wraps

If you have a turban scarf or a long piece of colourful fabric, let’s learn more on how to tie a turban scarf, what say! The steps are very simple and with a little practice you can master it too.

  1. Wrap the scarf front to back with both loose ends falling in front of your eyes
  2. Twist the loose ends together into a top knot as shown and twirl it around the crown of your head
  3. Now take a printed colourful scarf and place it as you would an odhni on the topknot
  4. Twirl one end from the left, over the right and vice-versa
  5. Let both ends meet at the center, which would be on top of the topknot already made
  6. Tuck the ends in and voila, you have a chic turban scarf topknot to flaunt!
Turban Headband

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Learn Now How To Tie A Bohemian Turban Headband

For the glam hippie look and to flaunt your nonchalant attitude at the pool parties, a turban headband would do justice to your overall personality. However, you should learn how to tie a turban headband the right way. Keep it simple though!

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  1. From back to front, wrap the turban headband as you would a bandana
  2. Bring both loose ends in front, and pull them gently at either sides
  3. In the center or the third eye zone of the forehead, twist and twirl the scarf
  4. Now take both loose ends to the back of the head
  5. Form a bow at the back of your head- simple, wasn’t it?
Diy Turban Headband

Source: pixelandhank.com


Another Chic Way To Tie The Turban Headband

Let’s emulate the glamorous rockabilly chick look by tying the turban headband the way women did it back then. The steps aren’t too complex and can be easily imitated in a few minutes. Below are six simple steps to help you glam up like a rockabilly doll.

  1. Fold the headband or the scarf into a triangle, bringing one end of the tip down to the middle and then folding it again into a flat boat shaped object.
  2. From back to front, wrap the turban headband as you would a bandana
  3. Bring both loose ends in front, and pull them gently at either sides
  4. Twist and twirl in the middle and then form a knot at the third eye
  5. Tuck the loose ends into your hair tufts and allow a fringe to fall in front
  6. Pull a little of the fabric on the sides of your head to touch your ears
Turban Style Scarf

Source: tumblr.com

Another Impressive DIY Turban Headband Style To Follow

Having fun aren’t we? Well there are tons of creative ways to wear your headscarf or headbands in turban style this time, and you only have to get as creative and innovative as possible. We would like to show you another trendy way and this time a DIY turban headband style to follow. Ready are you to follow these simple steps to a wonderful glamorous you?

  1. Who needs three strands for a plait or a braid when the chic fabric for turbans and scarf can bring in a style so unique and beautiful?
  2. For this you would need to tie your hair and prep it as you for a braid, but the knot should be done with a thin scarf; allowing both loose ends to twist and twirl in between your hair partitions for the braid.
How To Tie Turban Scarf

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A Beautiful Turban Style Scarf

One final style to flaunt at the parties this season would be the elegant vintage turban style look, which has a lot of volume. Remember to follow the steps on simple turban draping as spoken off in the styles above, but this time use a very long scarf or headband, so that you can wrap more on the back of your head and bring about that volume! You could go crown high, mid bun or low updo with the turban style scarf statement!

Turban Scarf

Source: blogspot.com

Everyday Turban Style

This is one of the easy yet chic turban styles. A lightweight scarf is all you need to master this fashion turban style. Follow the turban tutorial here with us-

  • Start folding the scarf in half length.
  • Hold along the center of the fold and place it behind the base of your head.
  • Pull both the ends up towards the center of the head in front and cross them over each other.
  • Now pull the ends back again and knot them up.
  • The excess ends can either be tucked under the knot or in the front near forehead.
  • Also pinch in the excess scarf details in the front folds.

Everyday Turban Style

Side Bun Turban

The turban outfits I.e. a turban well-suited and paired with an outfit will turn a simple, bland look into a much more interesting one. If you wish to go an extra mile girly with your style, follow this turban tutorial here-

  • Use a rectangular scarf and fold into half.
  • Wrap it from the back and tie it at the side.
  • Twist the two ends together and roll the twisted tail around itself.
  • Keep flattening the bun while twisting, so that it doesn’t pop out too much.

Side Bun Turban

The Classy Turban Style

This is one of the different types of turban styles that comes handy during bad hair days. Now let’s learn from this tutorial how to wrap a turban in a sophisticated way-

  • Fold the scarf or head wrap in two and place it near the nape of the neck, covering your ears.
  • Pull the ends towards the front and make two knots.
  • Spread the ends of the wrap and tuck them back covering your hair.
  • Adjust the wrap on the forehead as per your comfort.

Hair style

Bow Style

Tying a turban head wrap might look very complicated and tedious. But we have here a stunning bow style that you can wrap in few minutes. Make the most of the women’s turban style and rock the look-

  • Fold the scarf into two and wrap it around the nape of your neck.
  • Gather all the hair while pulling it in the front and make a knot on the top of the head.
  • Now make a bow in the front.
  • Adjust the bow to sit steadily on the head and tuck in the loose ends of the scarf into the bow or the head wrap.

The Classy Turban Style

Hope you have gathered all the tips, tricks and styles on how to wrap a turban in the most stylish way. Have fun!

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