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10 Best Beauty Hacks Suggested By The Best Beauty Experts

by Fashionlady
Best Beauty Hacks

We cannot seem to get enough of beauty hacks tutorials. The more we watch, the more we learn. This one here is supreme. We tell you why. First it has ten solid hacks that one can use for life. Second, these hacks are collective collaboration of advices from beauty experts all over including Michelle Phan.

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10 Beauty Hacks That You Need To Master Now

These 10 make up hacks are going to make your life easier and all your makeup troubles are going to vanish away. Every girl should have these beauty tips and hacks up their sleeves because you never know when you might just need them.

So the next time you have a faulty cat eyeliner or smudged lipstick, just try out these hacks. A good advice would be to try out all these hacks as you watch the video so that you can instantly see the results. You will also be able to figure out if you are doing something wrong.

Hack #10

For a sexy slept-in eyeliner look, all you need to do is apply the eyeliner, blink and smudge. Isn’t that one of the best makeup hacks? You literally need just half a minute to nail this hack. So girls go ahead and start blinking those pretty eyes.

Hack #9

This beauty hack is aimed at all those curly haired girls. Always opt for a dry haircut so that you know exactly how much your hair length would be after the cut. When you have a wet hair cut, the length differs once you dry your hair leaving you sad and heartbroken.

Hack #8

This beauty tips for girls is absolutely spot on. The next time you are struggling to remove stubborn makeup, just press on the area for 2-3 seconds and then wipe it off.


Hack #7

You will love this DIY beauty hack. One beauty hack to best pluck eyebrows is by using nude eyeliner. First line the area where stray hair is growing. After you are done, it becomes easy to pluck out the stray hair.

Hack #6

Here is another one of those amazing beauty tips. Use a blow dryer and dry your hair down to eliminate any frizz. Make sure that the heat is directed downwards.

Hack #5

This is one of the best makeup hacks for ensuring that your lipstick is within the lines. After you apply your lipstick, just use a concealer to outline the lips. This will also accentuate the shape of your lips.

Hack #4

One of the best makeup hacks to ensure that your eyeliner remains in place is to use a primer underneath your lash line. It is almost like a foundation for your eyeliner which will ensure that the eyeliner stays put on your lash line and doesn’t get smudged.

Hack #3

For a perfect cat eye makeup, all you need to do is play a game of connect dots. Add a dot where you want your cat eye to end and then just connect the line to the dots. The only thing you have to be careful with is the placing of the dot. Now, that’s an amazing beauty tip for sure!

Hack #2

This DIY beauty hack is going to become your favorite beauty hack. The next time you want to apply a blush, just use your lipstick. So the next time you are in a rush and can’t find your blush, just dab on some lipstick on your cheeks and you are good to go.

Hack #1

Like always we saved the best for the last. This beauty hack is revealed by Beyonce’s makeup artist who shows how adding a little bit of highlighter to the corner of your eye can brighten your look as well as make you look more awake.

Check out the video for more.

Enjoy watching this video and we will be back with some more summer hacks and skin care hacks.

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