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Ladies, Here Are Some Simple Ways How To Tie A Shemagh

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How To Tie a Shemagh

How To Tie a Shemagh

Says who only men learn how to tie a shemagh? Take a look around and you would find many women learning how to tie a shemagh and wearing it better than the men too. A shemagh is a fabric draped around the contours of the neck and the full face, barring the eyes. And it can be draped in various creative ways, thanks to its length.

Here’s How To Tie a Shemagh Scarf – Create Your Own Fashion Statement

We shall show you some nice ways on how to tie a shemagh scarf, but on the lines of how to tie normal scarves, headbands and bandanas. You shall get the idea no doubt and can innovate more on the same lines too!

The Extravagant Way On How To Tie a Shemagh Scarf

You begin by folding your scarf in half, resembling a triangle. Now take both ends of the triangle and throw it over the shoulders to the back of your body. Twist the ends to the front of your bust line and let the loose ends hang loose. This is an extravagant look, and a street wear style to flaunt with easy ways to wear a shemagh.

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Ways To Wear a Shemagh Scarf

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The Protective Look

Another elegant way to tie the shemagh scarf and to learn how to tie a shemagh scarf would be in emulating the protective traditional face wrap look. For this you would need to start out with a shemagh square shaped scarf that can be folded into a triangle. Throw it now around your head, allowing the flat side to rest over your third eye. Ensure that one side of the scarf is shorter than the other. Bring the shorter end below the ear on the other side, from under your chin. Now take the longer side across the face and below your nose and eyes, to the back of your head. It would be at the back of your head that you would tie the knot.

How To Tie a Shemagh Scarf

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Turn The Shemagh Into a Turban Headwrap

It is very simple and your hair stays protected too, when you turn the shemagh into a chic headwrap. Begin with placing the shemagh on your head, allowing the mid portion flat surface to rest at the back of your head, and the loose ends coming to the front. Now take the right corner and wrap it around the crown of your head, and the left around the top of your head. In doing so, both the loose ends would meet at the nape of your neck, where you could tie them into a knot. One of the best ways to wear a shemagh scarf wasn’t it?

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Ways To Wear a Shemagh

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Wear It As a Chic Hairdo

Have short hair and don’t want to flaunt the tresses to the world? Thinking of wearing nothing but a shemagh scarf to the winter pool party with your chic bikini set? Here is a way to tie your shemagh scarf as one would if they had chiffon or cotton scarves for the wild-o-wet party! For this style, you should start with the shemagh scarf folded into half. Place the scarf onto the back of your head and allow one side to go a little longer than the next. Take the longer end and wrap it over your forehead, and the shorter end to fall loose on the ear lobe. Twist the longer end over the shorter end and allow a braid to form; allowing it to fall over the ear.

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Different Ways To Wear a Shemagh

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Style Up The Shemagh Tactical Scarf

The shemagh tactical scarf to wear is a very simple process to follow. For this style you would need to wear the shemagh scarf front to back, allowing the bulkier end to be just below the neck. Tie the loose ends at the nape of your neck and allow the curves in front to flaunt over your bust line! If it is nippy and cold, you could cover your face using the curvy gait of the scarf that falls on the chest.

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Shemagh Tactical Scarf

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