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Step By Step Tutorial On How to wear a Headscarf?

by Fashionlady

We all know about scarves and the different ways to wearing a headscarf. These not only add style to your dressing, but certain styles also work in helping to keep hair covered from dust and pollution, hide big breasts for those who are uncomfortable and also for the new mom’s that can help cover themselves while feeding the little one.

Adding to the list to style ourselves is the headscarf. These may not add so much style as the scarf, but these definitely get all the attention to the head by working as an accessory there.

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These can be used during bike rides to keep the hair away from the face, or at beach holidays and destinations where you want them to be free yet tied. These are one such things that do not need any other accessories to be added to achieve that glamour.

Let’s look at one such style and a simple tutorial on how to wear a headscarf.

Step 1: Take a sufficiently big square scarf and fold it neatly, diagonally.

Step 2: Brush your hair. If you have bangs, style them such that they come in front of your face and don’t get tucked under the scarf while you style it.

Step 3: Wrap the scarf from the back of your head to the front and make a knot.

Step 4: Make 1 or 2 knots depending on how big you want the knot to be seen on the head.

Step 4: Tuck the ends of the scarf at the back of your head in a way that they don’t slip out.

Step 5: Use hair pins to secure them safely so that they don’t pop out.

Below are some more ways on how to wear a scarf on your head:

Hope you enjoyed this post on how to wear a headscarf. If you have tried any other ways, do let us know in comments. We will be happy to hear.

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