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Half Bath: The Latest Korean Beauty Secret For A Glowing Complexion!

by Fashionlady
Half bath For beautiful skin

When was the time you bathed well? Not that I am questioning your personal hygiene regimen, but am talking about a half bath, a new bathing technique, which is the latest trend from the Korean bag of beauty secrets.

Half bath

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Koreans have taught us umpteen tricks to take care of our skin. This time, they tell us how a half bath goes one step ahead in boosting the blood flow in our body and giving us a radiant complexion.

What Is The Half Bath Trend?

The half bath trend is a new beauty ritual that boosts your skin’s health and gives you a glowing complexion.

As you can guess, half bath means submerging half of your body in water. This is done in order to boost the circulation of blood in the body and deep cleanse the skin.

Here Is The List Of Half Bath Benefits:

When you immerse your lower body in a hot bath – you need not let your upper body get wet, just the lower half belly button down – it can work wonders for you in the following ways:

  1. Boosts the blood flow due to the temperature difference in the upper half and lower half of the body.
  1. The blood circulation releases muscular tension helps in detoxification and calms the nervous system.
  1. All this put together gives your skin the healthy boost it needs.


Q. What is the fundamental of Korean half bath?

A. Blood vessels carry oxygen and nutrients – the much-needed food for the body. Since the blood flow also helps remove impurities from the body and cleanse your skin from within, that is why a half bath in the form of a spa is so rejuvenating.

Q. How to do a Korean half bath?

A. Fill the bathtub halfway with hot water. It should be enough to keep you warm and comfortable. Since the purpose of this therapy is to boost your skin health, add some essential oils along with sea salt. This will intensify the detoxification and enhance your experience.

Now submerge yourself in the tub without wetting the upper parts of the body (and this includes the face). Do it for 45 minutes. Once you are through with the half bath session, rinse your body with cool water. This temperature difference boosts circulation, fights off irritants in the air and gets rid of all the toxins in your body through the natural process of bathing.

Half Bath Benefits

Source: miminailsnspa.com


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So dearies, what do you think about this innovative Korean beauty formula of half bath? Have you ever tried it out before or are you hearing about it for the first time? Tell us in the comments box below.

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