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Haute Monde Mrs. India Worldwide’s Journey of Dreams, Fashion, and Joy Charge Us All

by Fashionlady
Haute Monde Mrs India Worldwide

Haute Monde Mrs India Worldwide

Beauty pageants play a significant role in every woman’s world. The thought of stepping into the gorgeous elegant gowns, standing bold and beautiful, impressing the crowd with charisma and crowning the title can be found lingering in every lady’s mind.

Setting the platform to bring those dreams to life is the upcoming 7th season of Haute Monde Mrs. India Worldwide that is initiated by Shri Sai Entertainment Pvt Ltd. If you are contemplating on taking up this opportunity as a designer or as a model, read more here about the successful journey of this remarkable beauty contest.

The Shri Sai Entertainments Pvt Ltd is an organization that set out in 2008 to provide a strong platform for Indian married women to project their inner beauty, creativity and celebrates their dreams on a larger scale. This phenomenal thought snowballed over years till date and has earned an impressive interest worldwide.

Hailing from simple backgrounds and a wide range of professions, the women of today’s world have proved to be competitive and nailed the beauty arena with their strong, beautiful selves. We have brought here, the Mrs. India Worldwide evolution since 2011, along with winner details and the panel of judges that took pride in presiding over the contest.

Mrs. Jeemol Jaiben, a Dental doctor by profession, aged 32 bagged the title of Mrs. India Worldwide 2011 that was held in New Delhi. The lovely lady, who hails from Kerala, hopped onto the contest and brought a perfect blend of beauty and brains. Judged over by Aditi Govitrikar, Pankaj Mohanty, Rita Gangwani and Ratandeep Lal, Pubem Padyachee and Jatin Shah, the show was every bit entertaining and exciting.

Best fashion show

Rolling onto the next season, the contest became every more approachable and a widespread platform to express the thoughts and beauty of global Indian woman. Proving this was the winner of Mrs. India Worldwide 2012, Rebecca Logein Benn, a sports teacher and mother of two from Raipur, Chhattisgarh. Sitting on the judging panel were Aditi Gowarikar, Sara Khan, Nawabshah and Hasleen Kaur.

Fashion Show

In 2013, Reshica Naicker, an Indian from South Africa bagged the title and spread the word amongst the global Indian women, inspiring them to feature in this dream-come-true venture. Along with the increasing number of participants, the judging panel has evolved including renowned people like Amita Nangia, Aditi Gowarikar, Eva Grover, Kushal Rathi, P.Mohanti, Ramandeep Singh, Shibani Rastogi, Rabani and Rakha, Vesna Jacob, Blossom Kocchar.

Haute Monde Mrs India Worldwide Fashion

With every season of winners, the Mrs. India Worldwide proved their extent of finding beauty within the married Indian women circle. In 2014, to our surprise, an Army officer’s wife, Aman Grewal was titled Mrs. India Worldwide. Being an event manager and anchor herself, the lovely lady is one inspiration to step into this exciting event. The judges included celebrities like Sayali Bhagat, Vanya Mishra, and Atul Wassan.


Mrs India Worldwide Show

And moving forward, Drashti Bhanushali was awarded the title ‘Mrs. India Worldwide 2015’ at Yangon, Myanmar. And Namita Dodwadkarv from the USA was crowned in the year 2016 by Meenakshi Seshadri.

Mrs India Worldwide Fashion Show

Bringing married Indian women from different walks of life and giving them an opportunity to multiply their joy and live their dreams, the beauty contest has won millions of admirers.

Now that you have walked along with us, the journey of the Haute Monde Mrs. India Worldwide, we are hoping to see you all inspired, charged up and definitely signing up for their upcoming 7th season to showcase your talent in the fields of fashion, glamor, and charm.

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