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For Healthy and Lustrous Hair – Do you Watch What you Eat?

by Fashionlady

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My dear fashionistas, don’t we all aspire for long, lovely tresses with volume and lustrous shine? The secret key to gorgeous and healthy hair is following a strict hair care regime and eating a healthy well balanced diet. But, did you know that not eating right or having particular foods can cause hair loss?

Foods to Avoid for Healthy and Lustrous Hair:

Let us take a look at these foods which should be avoided for those who aspire lovely, silky and healthy tresses:

Simple Carbohydrates
We are all fond of confectionery items and junk food which inundate our regular diet heavily. We all turn to that tempting piece of creamy cake and delicious choc chip cookies when we are hungry. Bu, these foods are high in sugar and low in fibrous content. Such foods can be a cause of hair loss as sugar brings down your ability to handle stress which in turn leads to hair loss.

Instead opt for complex carbohydrates and high fiber like wholemeal, beans, bananas and flour which aid in digestion and help the process of nutrients be delivered to the bloodstream and hair follicles. Good nutrition will help the hair to grow in a healthy manner.

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Sugary foods
Consuming too much sugary foods leads to foods which become sugar on ingestion and cause glycation ( breaking down of proteins). It leads to faster cellular aging leading to a dry scalp and terrible hair loss.

High Salt Content
Perhaps, adding loads of salt is not the best idea as it causes hypertension or high blood pressure. This would lead to a problem as proper and healthy blood flow is essential for healthy hair.

Sugar-Free Goodies
While on a diet, we turn to diet sods and sugarless biscuits which contains artificial sweetener aspartane. This chemical can cause hair loss or be the cause of thin, limp hair and trigger several other health complications like arthritis, diabetes and bloating.

High Protein Diet
When your diet comprises primarily of an assortment of animal meats, you automatically are on a high protein diet. When consumed in large amounts, it denies the body vital nutrients like calcium and fluids. This also leads to cause the arteries to be congested with plaque and hampers the process of cells on the scalp from getting proper nutrients.

Fried Stuff
That extra serving of french fries or team-tome samosas need to be in control! Excessive consumption of fat, fried stuff and hydrogenated oils can lead to increased testosterone levels that lead to higher levels of DHT (which causes hair loss) . Such hydrogenated oils also affect hair growth by stopping essential fatty acids which are required for healthy growth of hair.

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Having determined this, let us take a look as to what is good for your hair and promote its growth beautifully.

Foods To Eat for healthy Hair:

Here are some foods which will avoid hair loss and in return start hair growth with beautiful, silky tresses:

Loaded with quality minerals like zinc, selenium, sulphur and iron, Eggs are essential as they carry oxygen to the hair follicles. You can even apply whole egg, yolk or whites on your hair to get fuller, thicker and beautiful hair. It is perhaps the best nutrition for your hair.

When Popeye the Sailor downed can after can of spinach to grow muscles, we laughed heartily! But the good news is that Spinach is truly a wonder food which contains iron, beta carotene, folate amd Vitaminc C. These help in keeping the hair follicles healthy and ensures proper circulation on scalp. You can try other dark, green leafy vegetables which are rich in nutrients. Enjoy them as salads or in curries.

Sweet Potatoes
Aren’t they delicious to eat? Well, the news is that these are a great source of antioxidant beta carotene which the body turns into vitamin A. This also helps in producing oils to keep your scalp hydrated and healthy. Lack of Vitamin A makes your scalp itchy and dandruff.

How about munching on nuts in your snack breaks or whenever you are hungry? Nuts like walnuts and almonds are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids and zinc. These two have the respective functionality of being hair re generator and hair loss preventer.

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