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Heard About Tea Rinses? They Can Help With Smoothening Hair Issues

by Fashionlady
Tea Rinses

Tea Rinses

A hot piping cup of tea each morning, drunk with love and savored for the moment is what we all wish to have for life long. But while sipping that cup and reading this post; let’s inform you that we have spoken about the health and beauty benefits of tea. With that being said, we would encourage you to have more liquor tea sans milk and sugar, and also learn a little more about the concept of tea rinses, which can work wonders for your hair.

So What Are Tea Rinses For Your Hair?

You can now spend lesser time and money, energy too, with the best tea rinses for your hair, made right at home. Remember, as we age, our hair too takes a backseat and needs help. Tea rinses would do just that- they help nourish, feed and bring back life to the ageing hair. Treating your tresses with the best DIY concepts for happy, long and healthy hair should be your forte. But first, let’s dig a little more into the idea of using tea rinses for your hair.

Tea Rinses For Your Hair

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What Is a Hair Tea Rinse?

Simply put, when you brew a cup of liquor tea sans sugar and milk, and you allow the liquid to cool, it becomes a brew. When the brew is poured onto your hair and massaged or emulsified into the scalp and the strands, the process of rinsing begins. And there are many more uses of the rinse, which we shall talk about below, but as of now the tea rinse has begun.

Reasons To Try Tea Rinses

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Benefits Of Tea Rinses For Hair

1. If you have grays to defeat on your hair, use tea rinses made from sage or rosemary

2. To lighten the dark hair strands, using chamomile tea or rooibos or black tea for blonde, red hair and dark brunette hair respectively (a cup each) is advised.

3. Stop hair fall by rinsing your hair with green tea everyday.

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4. Massage into the scalp a cup of green tea each day to motivate hair growth too

5. Make your hair long and strong with black tea rinses

In addition to what we just mentioned above, the reasons to try tea rinses would be to help increase blood circulation and flow. Apart from that, tea rinses have cleansing properties and avoid build-up in the hair or the scalp and can bring in plenty of antioxidants to fight the onslaught of free radicals too. Finally, if you want more antimicrobial properties and amino acids to help your hair with, you must use a cup of tea for rinsing sake.

Tea Rinses For Natural Hair Growth

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How To Use It?

Boil a teaspoon of any tea in a cup of hot water and allow it to cool. Use this brew to rinse your hair with. Ideally it should be done everyday, but thrice a week is more than enough as well. You could also pour the brew in a spray bottle and use the mist as and when you want to pamper your hair. Your hair smells good and the water is non sticky too.

To add natural aromas to the tea rinse, one can add flowers of their choice or an essence too. But we shall leave this to your discretion. Remember, the climes are changing and the worst hit would be your tresses. If you need more information and help on tea rinses for natural hair growth, do refer to our previous posts on how tea has helped many grow their hair long and strong.

Tea Rinses For Hair

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