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Here’s Exactly How To Get Kim Kardashian Eyes In 3 Easy Steps

by Fashionlady
How To Get Kim Kardashian Eyes

How To Get Kim Kardashian Eyes

Love her or hate her, there’s no denying the fact that the doting hot mom of Hollywood has a huge fan following. From hair to clothing and super sexy makeup styles, especially her eye makeup, everyone wants to follow the diva and learn from her. Today we shall tell you more on how to get Kim Kardashian eyes, and in three easy steps that makes it easy for us to emulate her looks. Do read on and be well-informed while we show you how to get Kim Kardashian eyes!

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Three Easy Steps On How To Get Kim Kardashian smokey Eye Makeup

If you’ve always desired the look of Kim and wanted to emulate the famous Kim Kardashian smokey eye, we bring to you three very easy steps to work with. Take a look and learn more!

1. Pick Up The Right Base Foundation And Concealer

To begin with, you have got to have the right foundation and concealer bought. Refer back to our posts on concealer, which tells you what concealer would work best for which skin issue you have. Red concealer for green issues, yellow and orange to hide your dark circles etc; concealer should be carefully chosen and used or else the look you desire to have, wouldn’t come through. Once the foundation (closest to your skin tone) is applied across the face and the neck, take a damp sponge and blend it into the skin. Now use a primer on the skin of the eyelids to prepare it. Primer from a reputed company wouldn’t allow the color to smudge or wear off from the lids. And as known, the right concealer helps prep up the eyes and camouflages the bagginess found under the eyes too.

Blush Concealer

Source: paradisebeaute.com

2. Instead Of Black, Play With Some Color

In most cases, when we think of Kim’s smokey eyes, we think of the grays, browns and blacks for the lids to be colored with. You can beat the stereotypes here and play with light to neutral warm tone colors here. Check our color wheel posts to know which colors compliment each other on the warm tone sphere and then make a choice, in accord to what you would be wearing as well. The aim here is to have a smooth gradient of three shades to make one hue- for example, light purple from the inner corner to the mid section of the eyes, moderate dark purple from the mid section to the outer crease of the eyes, and dark from the outer crease to the outer section of the eyelid. Take an applicator brush and gently blend them in.

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Kim Kardashian Smokey Eye

Source: thesmallthingsblog.com

3. Prep The Lashes With Voluminizing Mascara

Kim has long lashes, she doesn’t wear false ones or maybe does, we really don’t know because the media says a lot. So what you could do is to get a ball of cotton ready, and to roll your mascara spoolie in it allowing the fibers of the cotton to stick to the spoolie. Now dip the spoolie into the mascara tube and gently stroke the lashes. Three strokes for the top and one for the bottom. The cotton fibers stick to the eye lashes that create an illusion of length. For the tightlining of the eyes, we would look at dark kajal pencil for the inner tear lines- just one stroke. Finally, you may use gel or cake liner to create the faultless winged eyeliner, famously known as Kims signature liner!

Smokey Eye Tutorial

Source: addisonmagazine.com


Do let us know how you liked the three easy Kim Kardashian smokey eye tips, and if you would like to add a step more, or tell us about your ways on smokey eyes, we would suggest a line sent to us would do the trick.

Kim Kardashian Smokey Eye Tips

Source: mirror.co.uk

The next step though we would like to show you more ideas on smokey eye tutorials by other celebrities! Keep a watch on this space!

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