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Here’s What Makeup Artists Won’t Tell You On How To Use Makeup Brushes

by Fashionlady
How To Use Makeup Brushes

How To Use Makeup Brushes

If you are a beginner or simply would like to use makeup and would want to get the dough on how to use makeup brushes, here is your scoop to dig into. Makeup brushes are important to use, which most makeup artists wouldn’t share their secrets on. Some brushes can double up for contouring and blush, and there are those that work solely for a specific reason. Take time and read this post on how to use makeup brushes, so that you do not make a mistake again. If you have a party and would want to learn the right ways on wearing party makeup, you first need to learn how to use makeup brushes.

Uses Of Makeup Brushes

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10 Important Uses Of Makeup Brushes You Should Invest In

1. A foundation brush as the name suggests, helps set the base and it can also double up as a highlighting brush. Reputed companies have good foundation brushes made from synthetic and soft fibers to use.

Makeup Brushes Names

2. A concealer brush is one of the most important brush amongst all in the kit that you should have. It helps covers dark spots, blemishes, redness and other issues that need to be concealed; the nose, under the eyes and any discoloration marks that you would see.

List Of Makeup Brushes And Their Uses

3. Want that defined jawline or the sexy cheekbones too high? Use a contouring brush or a tapered brush that has soft bristles and the pointed angles which helps with blending and contouring.

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Professional Makeup Brushes Set

4. A blush brush has got to be the favorite of all brushes. When learning on the uses of makeup brushes, with the blush brush you should never dip the head of the brush into the pot or pan of blush, but swipe the cream or the powder sideways and then stroke onto the cheeks to bring about a flushed look.

Blush brush

5. Applicator brushes are meant to doll up the eyes and place the shadow on the lids sans the smudging and the smearing to fall in with. Another of the best uses of makeup brushes such as this one would be to enhance the nose while contouring it with NG1 supra.

Applicator brushes

6. The fluffy eyeshadow brush- thanks to the size and the texture of the brush, the fluffy brush helps blend the shadow into the crease line and on the lids.

Fluffy eyeshadow brush

7. Amongst the many makeup brushes names, we would look at the flat eyeshadow brush which helps define the eyes in shades nice and light. Also known as the partner in crime with the fluffy counterpart we have just spoken about, the flat cousin helps with light to heavy eyelid makeup. Use it gently with small taps to enhance the mid section and the lower mid section of the eyelid crease.

Angular brush

9. A lip liner brush is a must have too, which helps define and correct (read our previous posts on how to correct and contour lip shapes) lips. Dab a little lipstick on the bristles and use it softly on the lip line.

Lip liner brush

10. A lip filler brush should be used to help fill in the lips within the outlined lines of the lips.

Lip filler brush

Here was a list of makeup brushes and their uses and companies reputed enough such as MAC, ORIFLAME, MAYBELINE and VEGA would be some of the many professional makeup brushes set you should use. Good luck!

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