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Understanding What Is Cosmetic Chemistry: Why Is It So Important To Know Before Applying Makeup?

by Fashionlady
Cosmetic Chemistry Importance

What Is Cosmetic Chemistry

Why should we even discuss what is cosmetic chemistry? You maybe wondering why are we talking about this, because makeup is easy to use and apply. But dear ladies, please remember, our skin is chemistry and so are the products we use. Remember we spoke about the importance of color wheel in makeup? The same would be when we talk about the importance and what is cosmetic chemistry all about. Now what you need to understand is that chemistry does play an important role in our lives- we aren’t getting geekier here, but would like to explain in short why and what is cosmetic chemistry all about. Read on!

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Importance Of Cosmetic Chemistry – Do You Know Your Coloring Agents?

Any self-respected makeup artist or fashionista would want to first check what ensemble is being worn, before applying makeup. Some of us desire dark smoky sultry eyes or lips, or maybe bright ruby red and pink ones. Some of us want an amalgamation of various shades, and each shade has a tint, tone and shade to be played with too. The shadows we use for our eyes, our cheeks and the lips are made from organic and inorganic compounds- metals too, which is why the pigments are so glaring and reflecting as we see them. We should know the chemical compositioning a little when it comes to buying and choosing makeup products, so that it complements our skin tone and texture- don’t we do that for foundations? If yes, why then would we want to ignore the importance of cosmetic chemistry when choosing blushers, lipsticks and eye shadows?

Importance Of Cosmetic Chemistry

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With Regard To The Base Colors

If finding the right shade was a challenge, making way for the base to stick to the skin is a bigger challenge. For example, if you have oil skin, supra base wouldn’t work at all and wouldn’t conceal or cover the flaws, as much as what derma base would do. You need a base for the eyelids, the cheeks, the lips and the jawline too- it depends on the compositioning of the products that would ultimately define which base would be best on you.

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What Is A Cosmetic Chemist

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Lipstick Talks

Talking about the lip shades, have you ever wondered why a certain shade sits less on your lips, much lesser than the other shades? Forget the shades, it is the chemical compositioning of your lip skin and that of the product, which if not in sync wouldn’t bring about the right look you desire to have- long lasting! Lipsticks with base as wax and castor oil would help keep the creamy lips intact, much more than those made with just one of the ingredients- esters for example!

Information About Cosmetic Chemistry

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With Face Foundation

The right way to check for the foundation suitability to the skin tone is not on your wrists, but on your jawline, which is the most exposed part to the sun. We must always choose foundation tones that are one shade darker to the natural skin color, and we have to understand how to apply the foundation too- most importantly, would your skin work well with powder, stick, cream or liquid or cream to powder foundation. Once again, the answer lies in the workings and the information about cosmetic chemistry.


Importance Of Cosmetic

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We really would like to talk more about the importance of cosmetic chemistry here at length, but before that we would want you to do a little homework or speak to a specialist or makeup artist at length about your skin type. This would help you understand the layman’s notions on the importance of cosmetic chemistry.

Cosmetic Chemistry

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The next time you wonder why the supra palette shades aren’t sitting for more than half an hour on your face, please understand that the skin is oily or combination and supra is oil based- oil and oil creates a sliding effect and lasts lesser with coverage too. In our next post, we shall speak more about the importance of cosmetic chemistry pertaining to each facial zone!

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What Is The Purpose Of A Cosmetic Chemistry

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