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Types Of Makeup Brushes for Beginners

by Fashionlady
different types of makeup brushes

types of makeup brushes

Make up is something that can make or break your personality. Of course, it cannot create beauty, but certainly, if done as it should be, it can most definitely enhance the appeal of your naturally beautiful features. Accuracy of the application of your make-up depends on the types of makeup brushes you use. Brushes are a crucial part of your dressing table. You have to choose the right brushes or applicators to apply specific products. One wouldn’t do for all.

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Listed Below Are 7 Essential Makeup Brushes For Beginners

Here is an account that will give you an idea of what kind of brushes could be put to use for various make-up products.

1. Foundation Brush

Applying foundation with our hands is something that I have seen in my family and friend circle since the beginning of as long as I can remember. But whenever I have tried a hand in applying the foundation, I ended up messing the entire appearance of my skin. There would be patches of uneven swabbing all over my face. Such a shame! But then I picked up this advice from YouTube and started using foundation brush to apply foundation. Foundation brushes are the most important tools for beginners. Since then I have tried and tested many brushes for masking foundation evenly. You don’t have to waste time and money in trial and error, just use my experience into it. A good fuller foundation brush will make your foundation spread across flawlessly.

Source: fashionologs.com

Source: fashionologs.com

2. Concealer Brush

The second and one of the most essential makeup brushes for beginners is the concealer brush. Most people prefer applying the concealer with fingers, nevertheless, I ascertain that this is something totally worth investing in. It will give you a clean finish and save you a tons of precious time. Using the concealer brush would also save your skin from looking cakey. It helps in getting the under eyes highlighted smoothly, blending the product into the skin.

essential makeup brushes for beginners

Source: occmakeup.com

3. Powder Brush

The next brush you should own is the make-up powder brush or the compact powder brush. Though most of the compact cakes come with a sponge to apply it, but I’d rather have my powder brush to smear the compressed powder all over my face and cover up properly. A powder brush is usually fluffy and huge. It sets of the make up on the skin blending all the products you have applied so far, perfectly. Applying the powder through a brush also gets you a mattifying effect cutting off the oily or greasy shine.

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basic makeup brushes beginners

Source: barexminerals.com

4. Blush Brush

This is one of the basic makeup brushes for beginners. If you are a beginner in make-up, I don’t think you would experiment much with contouring. Not that I will insist you on it as contouring is a risky ground and if not done with expertise it might just ruin your entire make-up so far. But you may always play around with a little bit of blusher. A proper blusher brush would have enough length of handle to give you a good grip. The bristles will be fluffy, long, and soft. You would require to swipe the brush through the blush cake, and always dust it a little on your palm to get rid of the excess material. Pout your face and glide the brush across your cheek bone and the job is done.


Famous Makeup Brushes for Beginners

Source: realtechniques.com

5. Eyelid Brush

These are the brushes that you would require to apply the eyeshadow on your eyelids. Though, your eye shadow palette would have an eyelid brush, in most cases they are of inferior quality and are short. You can’t hand them with ease. Now for beginners, I would suggest, you buy 3-4 different brushes so that you have a different brush for different color, or a specific brush for a similar set of colors. Having different brushes for different colours would not spoil the shades or mix them up. These brushes are totally affordable and you can certainly buy a few of them and stock them up. A good idea is, wet the brush a little before putting it into the shadow. This way it will hold the color and spread it better. You can also buy a brush of medium density to blend in different colors on your lids, if you are wearing more than one shade of eyeshadow.

basic makeup brushes

Source: yves-rocher.co.uk

6. Eye Liner/Kajal Brush

Liners come with a brush always. And these days you get those pencil form of kajal that you can just roll on and straight away apply. I have however been using a brush for drawing the perfect kohl stroke on my eyes. Again, I keep 4-5 different brushes of varied density for this purpose. Reason being, I would sometimes want to wear a thin line, just a barely there kind of kohl line, sometimes a little more prominent, and for the evenings and late night outs I wear a thick smudge of kajal on my eyelids. Apparently, that one tiny-winy brush that you get in the eyeliner bottle cannot draw all these different densities. Even if you try to, I bet it is a real pain. Why bother? Just get a few of these brushes. They are easily available at any stationary or make up store.

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Best makeup brushes

Source: blogspot.in

So, these were the different types of makeup brushes for beginners. All of these brushes are an absolute must in your dressing drawer if have just started your play with make-up. You do not have to be a pro to use any of these brushes. A little use of creative intelligence and some tutoring through the umpteen number of tutorial videos in YouTube will give you a clear picture on how to use these brushes.

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