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DIY Hairstyles For Dates – Impress Him With These Hairstyles

by Fashionlady
DIY Hairstyles For Dates

DIY Hairstyles For Dates

It’s date night and besides your dress game being on point, you need some serious TLC for your hair too! These hairstyles for dates are easy, fun and are bound to leave a lasting impression!

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Let’s Get Started With These Date-Night Hairstyles

Confused what to do with your hair? Don’t fret, because we have just what you need. These date-night hairstyles you can use and impress your date.

Boho Beachy Waves

Soft waves in your hair look dreamy and very beautiful, and is one of the perfect hairstyles for dates. This hairstyle aims to give you an effortless and cool vibe look. Plus, it is extremely easy! All you need is some salt spritz and a blow dryer. Experts recommend that the hair should be kept a little wet and only half of it should be dried. For that messy look, just spray some salt spritz. If you are feeling the vibe, make it look even better by adding some flowers or accessories in your hair!

DIY Hairstyles For Dates

Source: youtube.com

Look at her! Doesn’t she look gorgeous? Here is some celeb inspiration for you:

Hairstyles for a date

Source: trendymods.com

Messy Side Bun

The easiest and the chicest side bun in town has to be the messy side bun. It gives you such a cool girl look! If you think it makes you look a little formal, pull down some bangs and side sweep them. You will look gorgeous!

Date hairstyles for short hair

Jennifer Lawrence is a real pro on this look:

Hairstyles ideas for date

Source: glamgalz.com

Simple High Bun

Now if you and your date are going on a beautiful, classy date with candle light dinner, then we say you could stick a little to the formal side. And nothing speaks formal in volumes then a sleek high bun! Stick to the basics and tie up all your hair in a knot at the top. Try and set all those tiny hair by using a mousse or a hairspray. Keep bobby pins handy. If a strand or two comes loose, you can easily pin it back up! This is one of the most common hairstyles for dates.


This is how to do a perfect high bun:

High Bun hairstyles for date

Source: ninapeople.com

Just Blow it Up

This one is your ‘Come as you are’ look. Easy, effortless and almost needs nothing fancy – one of the perfect hairstyles for a date. This look is alright for even a formal affair and if you don’t know where your date is taking you, then you can surely go with this look. The key to achieving this look right is to use a blow dryer to dry your hair and leave a few sections of your hair flat on your forehead. Use a blow dryer to give some definition to your waves, but do not brush out the curls. The blowout looks wonderful if it stays put, so make sure you use some hairspray to set it all down.

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Date hairstyles for short hair

Source: blogspot.com

Or you can style it like Selena Gomez:

Hairstyles For Dates

Source: hairzstyle.com

Now that you have a good collections of different date hairstyles for long hair, choose the one that best suits your personality and you are good to go!

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