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How These Celebrities Celebrated New Year’s Eve Is Quiet Surprising!

by Fashionlady
Celebrities Celebrated New Years

Celebrities Celebrated New Years

While most of were partying at various Clubs or having a good peaceful time at house parties, some of our favorite celebrities simply decided to use this as an opportunity and take a well-deserved vacation away from all the city and clichéd humdrum.

Sonam Kapoor with her sister, Rhea Kapoor and a bunch of friends decided to fly away to Maldives and welcome the New Year amongst the cool blue waters.

A bright yellow for an evening dinner was carried off most beautifully by Sonam. Golden yellow Chloe Maxi dress with gold head and arm accessories looked high-class and angelic on her, don’t you think?

Sonam Kapoor yellow chloe maxi dress

Source: instagram.com

A beach holiday and no whites just don’t go well, right? Another moment captured and posted on Sonam Kapoor Instagram account was her in white separates.

Sonam Kapoor in white separates

Source: instagram.com

After the vacation, when she landed in Mumbai, her airport style was a pair of comfy Bungalow 8 jumpsuit with an oversized jacket, Balenciaga tote handbag, a hat, shades and a pair of flats.

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Sonam Kapoor in Bungalow 8

Another hot bod, Bipasha Basu was spotted in an un-disclosed location taking a vacation in-between the sun, sand and blue waters. We all know how much she loves her body and the same is seen in this picture where she effortlessly flaunts her bikini body.

Bipasha Basu in bikini

Source: instagram.com


While Bipasha Basu in Bikini is sure a feast to the eyes, let’s also look at how she styles her cover ups.

Bipasha Basu new year celebrations

We’ll leave you with a last look of hers in a little more hippe look. Must say she really carries if off really well.

Bipasha Basu vacation

Source: instagram.com

Do you think taking a vacation is better than being part of crazy dancing and clubbing on New Year’s Eve? What do you guys think?

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