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How To Be Anorexic

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How To Be Anorexic

How To Be Anorexic

Anorexia refers to an eating disorder which often begins during your adult years. This is a medical condition also referred to as anorexia nervosa. Anorexic people refrain from eating and as a result lose a lot of weight. They live under a false illusion of putting on weight when in reality, they are thin. There is a specific exercise and dieting plan which anorexics have to follow before making their decision. But, as anorexia can lead to certain health complications, you should speak to your doctor before starting on becoming an anorexic. Also, one should follow few steps to quit eating right away, but you have to do it in simple ways. Here are few simple steps to become anorexic.

Tips to Become Anorexic

Be Prepared:

Before trying out any new practice, it is important to prepare your body and mind. Adapt with the new changes allowing your mind and body to work at its own pace. There are several ways on becoming anorexic, but it all depends on how much your body can endure. You can try on becoming anorexic for few days and refrain from trying it for the following week.

Do Exercises:

Exercising is an effective method for aiding weight loss. You should include exercise regime along with your other anorexic diet plan for effective result. Including aerobic or yoga exercise can speed up weight loss transition period. Along with that, try meditation to calm your body and mind. It can prepare and strengthen your mind to follow the diet regime in a better way.

Tips to Become Anorexic

Make a Plan to Drink Water:

When you are following one of the diet plans to become anorexic, you might have to give up on certain foods, but not water. In fact, you should drink water as desired. Drinking water can have positive effects for your overall health. Water can also be healthy for your skin, organs, kidneys, and heart. If you are following an anorexic diet for long period of time, then you can also include fruit juices for consumption along with water.

Manage your Sleeping Time:

If you are trying to lose weight, hitting the sack early is as important as sweating out in the gym. The longer you are awake, the more likely you are to consume calories. Sleeping off early as 8-9 pm can help in bringing a balance. Not only will you get a good night’s sleep, but also prevent your body from gaining calories. Even if you follow the exact diet religiously, you will not be able to drop off excess fat without getting enough sleep. Therefore, managing your sleep time is as important as following other weight loss ideas.

Diet Plans to Become Anorexic:

The air weight loss plan:

When you are planning on becoming anorexic, the first step that is commonly suggested is air weight loss plan. It is the easiest procedure to prevent solid food and rely on liquids. Staying on liquid diet can mean cutting down on fats, and relying on juices and water to keep you hydrated. While you are on the air weight loss plan, you have to consume a lot of liquid like soups, juices, and water. This will bring your body to a desired shape.


The five bite weight reduction plan:

If you are keen on losing weight without having to cut down on food completely, then the five bite weight reduction plan is for you. In this diet routine plan, you have to consume five small meals throughout the day. Your breakfast, lunch, and dinner can be light bites that are nutritious and healthy. During the day, you can consume drink anything that is without calories. Before proceeding with this plan, talk with a dietician to improvise your food chart according to your body type.

Diet Plans To Become Anorexic

The baby food weight loss plan:

The baby food weight loss plan is ideal for those wanting to be anorexic. This is a rigorous diet planning regime, favored by most Hollywood celebrities like Jennifer Aniston. As the title suggests, this plan involves ingesting baby food. You can serve one bottle or jar of baby food as one time meal or snack. You should take one container for each sitting and not more than that. With the food, you can ingest any liquid except for tea, coffee and alcoholic beverages. This is an excellent suggestion on becoming anorexic without starving yourself, but relying on nutritious food. When you follow this diet, you will experience a feeling of fullness rather than feeling famished. If the meal starts to grow on you, then you can take it with granola bar during your meal time. The baby food weight loss plan is not as expensive as other weight loss plan, and hence making it quite popular.

Baby Food Weight Loss Plan

If you are a Vegan:

You have to rely on a diet that consists of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, seeds, and legumes. You can eat as much as you can without fearing of putting on calories. The breakfast consists of fruit. Lunch can either be a salad or vegetables. While your dinner can consists of a serving of tofu-stir fry. If you follow this diet plan, then you will probably lose weight because of the low calories in food content. If you are interested in trying out this diet, talk with a dietician for suggestions regarding proper nutritional foods.

Diet Plan


There are few precautions that should be kept in mind before going in for a weight loss plan, which can lessen the mistakes that might occur when following a strict diet regime:

  • Dieting does not mean killing oneself by starving the body. This can also slow down your Basal Metabolic Rate, and increase more body weight in return.
  • Skipping breakfast can do a lot of harm, as it prolongs hunger leading to more weight gain.
  • Paying attention to the calorie potential of the liquids you consume is important as it can be a weighing factor on weight loss effect.
  • You should consume water according to specified requirement. Not following the correct measure could decrease your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) and decrease chances of weight loss.


These tips on how to be anorexic takes time to show optimal results and are not ideal for the faint-hearted. You can try these tips with dietary supplement and other natural weight loss procedure for burning your calories quicker. Just be sure to consult a dietician before applying any of these methods to avoid undesirable side effects.

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