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How To Choose The Right Breast Enlargement Cream For That Perfect Shape

by Fashionlady
Breast Enlargement Cream

Breast cream

Sometimes even the best of branded bras cannot help because of the small breasts that some women have. There’s nothing to be ashamed about and you do not have to go under the knife to increase the cup size. Thanks to the advancement of medical science and technology in beauty, we now have breast enlargement creams that can help us increase a cup size or two and bring the desired results we need. Please read on very carefully!

Disclaimer: This is an informative post. We would advise speaking to a skin aesthetician or an expert in breast enlargement through non-invasive ways for further guidance and help on the usage of breast enlargement creams. Their word would take precedence over what is written here any day!

What are breast enlargement creams?

As the name suggests, breast enlargement creams are enhancement products or formulas that can be typically applied on the surface of the skin. In time, it shall be absorbed safely into the bloodstream of the individual. We say safe because most breast enlargement creams available around are made from herbs found in nature and those that help with breast stimulation tissues. In turn, the bust size of the woman increases when the breast tissues are given food to grow.

But again, just because a celebrity endorses it or the claims made are too good to be heard, all breast enlargement creams don’t work- bear that in mind. It could do more harm than good to the body. This is why you should speak to an expert skin specialist to know which of the available breast enlargement creams in the market would work for you.

What herbs form the breast enlargement cream?

Following are the herbs that are effectively used and approved by authoritative bodies for the breast enlargement cream since they have an effect equivalent to that of an estrogen. Fennel seeds are the most commonly used active ingredient in breast enlargement creams, so are saw palmetto and blessed thistle. Some breast enlargement creams use damiana leaves and wild yam root too. We also have creams for breast enlargement that contain fenugreek seeds in them as well.

How to use the breast enhancement cream?

What herbs form the breast enlargement cream

Here’s only an information on breast enlargement cream usage, but again, it would be your doctor who would tell you how to use breast enlargement cream for your benefit. A thin layer has to be applied over the breast and massage lightly into the skin, say most experts. Over time the breast enlargement cream enters the bloodstream and makes the bust bigger.

Always bear in mind, if you want success in using the gels or the creams, you need to massage the breast with the right strokes after applying the breast enlargement cream. Doctors would advise massaging the nipple and areola of the breast with the fingers. Breasts need to be kneaded and cupped, rotated clock and anti-clockwise too. Some women have used the breast enlargement cream while cupping their breasts inwards too to create more suction force. But do follow what your specialist recommends.

How to choose the best breast enhancement cream?

The market is filled and flooded with breast enhancement creams of very high quality and you have to use the right one. Wrong cream or wrong usage could lead to more harm than good. Here are a few pointers to keep in mind before using or buying any breast enhancement cream.


How to choose the best breast enhancement cream

  • When buying any branded breast enhancement cream, check for the penetrating system of the formula. What do we mean by that? We mean that when the breast enhancement cream is applied on the skin directly, it gets into the bloodstream soon. And since the absorption levels would depend on the capacity of the skin, what you would need is a formula which can be absorbed by the breast tissues easily.
  • Some doctors would recommend pills to boost the effect of breast enhancement creams. Only your doctors can recommend it for bust enhancing needs and not anyone else. Pills and creams in some cases have to be taken in tandem and regularly to complement one another- DOCTOR’S APPROVAL IS A MUST, DONT BE YOUR OWN DOCTOR ON THIS ONE!
  • Speak to a skin aesthetician to know the right massage techniques that have to be carried out while utilizing the breast enhancement creams. The massages when done right would be an easy way to increase the bust size. When done with the right breast enhancement cream, the results would be effective and safe. Only an expert skin aesthetician would be able to tell you the same, no one else!

Breast enhancement cream

  • When in doubt about the safety of the cream and the natural ingredients being used, take a snapshot of the product and show it to the doctor. They would know best which breast enhancement creams in the market are true to their claims and which ones would waste your money.
  • One size does not fit all- there are many cases where women have used OTC breast enhancement creams and have faced horrid results. We don’t want you to fall into the trap of false promises, which is why we want you to check with the doctor first and then use what is best for you.

Finally, do breast enhancement creams work? YES they do, but only when you choose the right specialist for guidance! This is why right at the beginning of this post, we told you to speak to your doctor and know if breast enhancement creams are what you need. Sometimes genetics too play an important role, which is perhaps why you don’t have a moderate to big cup size!

Be confident and be beautiful!

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