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How to Clean Your Gold Jewellery

by Fashionlady
How To Clean Jewelry

How To Clean Gold Jewellery
This is one metal that’s climbing up on the trading and stock market every now and then. It is something that generation after generation has been wearing it, occasion or no occasion. It is gifted with pride and accepted with love and admiration. Come on bunny, we are talking of Gold.

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Owning gold jewellery is every woman’s pet desire and every man’s symbol of one-upmanship. It is only when it comes to preserving their original shine when we give up and turn to goldsmiths for it. Little do we know that gold ornaments can be cleaned in our home too with some care and precision. Let us go through ways and means of cleaning gold ornaments.

Jewelry Cleaning Tips

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Reasons of Gold losing its shine

Gold happens to be a precious yellow metal that doesn’t lose its shine. However, regular wear, dust around us, perfumes and makeup we use when our body is bedecked with ornaments, all affect the natural shine of gold.

Cleaning Non-studded Gold jewellery

Getting the shine back in your goldsy ornaments is simple. Take a look at how to clean jewellery at home.

– Put your gold rings, bangles, earrings and necklaces in a bowl. Put liquid soap in it and boil it for 5 to 10 minutes. Now take out the jewellery pieces and rinse them with clean water. Having done so, wipe them with a piece of muslin cloth. But remember one thing. If your gold jewellery has precious and studded stones embedded on it, then don’t even think of this option.

Homemade Jewelry Cleaner

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– Take warm to lukewarm water and soak your gold jewellery in it. Put in liquid soap and some soda water (but not in excess) which should have no salt in it. Leave your gold ornaments dipped in it for half an hour. Using a soft toothbrush (with no plaque particles in it), rinse and clean jewellery items. Then use a muslin cloth or tissue paper to wipe off the wetness of the solution.


– Other cleaning options of gold jewellery include baking soda. Apply the paste for 5 minutes on your jewellery and rub it with a fine muslin cloth to get back the shine.

Cleaning Your Gold Jewellery

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– If you thought beer was meant only for drinking, think again. It can be used to restore the shine of your gold ornaments.

Cleaning Studded Gold jewellery

The simple tip is not to ever soak your studded gold pieces in water as they will end up losing their glue. Use a toothbrush and soap solution to clean it instead. Then wash, rinse and dry them out. Make sure that the trapped water comes out or else it will destroy the ornament.

Cleaning Studded Gold jewellery

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Miscellaneous tips to looking after Gold jewellery

Other than the tips mentioned above, there are few precautions that you can take in order to protect your gold jewellery.

Avoid Chlorine


Make it a point to store your expensive jewellery items in individual boxes. This will keep them scratch free and will be easy to locate and remember. If you store many gold pieces together, it might cause their rubbing and denting against each other.

Avoid wearing it to gyms

Whether you are doing pilates or workouts, the sweat that comes out makes gold lose its sheen. So try and avoid wearing gold to fitness sessions.

Always remember to rinse the jewellery with a soft brush dipped in cool water after use. For better cleaning, you can go for jewellery cleaner too. Happy cleaning your precious and prized jewellery!

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