These Shower Hacks Will Change Your Life Forever


Your morning shower is the most important part of starting your day. As a self-respecting fashionista, you should have some tricks up your sleeve to make the most of a shower, which could be as simple as using a microfiber towel. Don’t fret if you don’t know any, because we are going to give you some fantabulous tips to start your morning on the right foot!

Shower hacks

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1. You Don’t Have Your Clothes Ironed!

You are probably wondering what this has got to do with a shower. But many of you don’t know that light creases in your clothes can disappear if you put your clothes in a hangar while taking a warm shower! Yes, steam has more latent heat and it can actually make your creases vanish! Just make sure you don’t end up splashing water on it though!

Bathroom hacks

2. Tension Rod To Delete Your Tensions:

You can never have too many products can you? But if you are having trouble fitting all your bath stuff inside your bathroom caddy, you can always install a second tension rod. Use some hooks to create even more space and hang all your stuff. Yes you can thank us later.

Top shower hacks

3. Drains That Scream for Some Cleaning:

One of the most annoying things that a woman can experience is a clogged drain, but with all that hair-washing, it is but obvious that drains will get clogged pretty often. To unclog an unsightly drain, use disprin tablets.

Drop four of them into the drain along with some white vinegar (1 cup of it is sufficient). Now wait for around ten minutes and pour some hot water into it. You will now have a fresh looking drain which smells great too!


4. Alternate Use of A Shoe Organizer:

A shoe organizer can also come very handy for storing a lot of your stuff too. If a tension rod isn’t enough, you can get a shoe organizer and fix it to your shower curtain. It can act like a great place to hand all your shower gel and other stuff which needs to be very handy during a bath.

Cleaning hacks

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5. Bathroom Curtain Hygiene:

If you are one of those who like having a curtain around, then you should make sure your curtain does not graze the bathroom floor all the time. Being constantly wet can actually be quite unhygienic and mildew can start developing on it. So make sure you cut the curtain in a way that it is not in constant touch with the floor.

Bathroom curtain


6. Use Old T-Shirts to Dry Your Hair:

Hair tends to get a lot frizzy if you use a towel to dry it. Instead, to prevent tangles and frizz, use an old T-shirt. The T-shirt does not dry up your hair like the towel. It will leave the hair with the right amount of moisture and keep your hair looking great.

Dry your hair

7. Simulate Speakers In Your Bathroom:

If you love listening to music in the washroom, you would want to invest in a waterproof phone cover. But even then, you would not get the sound high enough in the bathroom. This is where your bathroom acoustics can come into play. Put your phone in the sink or in a bowl while taking a shower. The acoustics in the bathroom will help amplify the sound to a large extent.

Shower hacks for women

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8. Save Time By Moisturizing in the Shower:

Just after your shower, your body is very receptive to moisture and cream. Make sure you use moisturizer just after your bath to have a better effect.

Moisturizing in the shower

Hope these hacks will make your bathing experience even better!



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