How To Cover Pimples Without Makeup


Pimples- the moment you see them, your inner goddess literally screams. Yes, that’s how much a pimple can trouble you. The worst part about pimples is that they can strike at a weird time- just when you are about to go on a life-changing date.

How To Cover Pimples Without Makeup

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UGH! Worry not, because you have reached the right place.

So what do you do in such a case? Here you go.

How To Cover Acne Without Makeup

We present you the best way to cover a pimple and this does not involve using a foundation or concealer! Let your skin breathe, while getting rid of the pimples. These natural remedies will give a natural glow while covering the acne too.

How To Cover Acne Without Makeup

Get To The Bottom Of The Zit:

So, how do we actually get a pimple? When dirt blocks a skin pore-it’s as simple as that! So to prevent the occurrence of more such zits, you will need to keep your skin squeaky clean. But remember, zits can be very troublesome and rubbing strong cleansers on it can actually increase the number of pimples. So go buy a cleanser that is gentle on your skin. Use it early in the morning and before going to bed.

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Use A Warm Compress To Decrease The Redness:

The main reason a pimple looks so evident is because of the redness. If you have popped a zit recently, this particular one will be very red and conspicuous. Use a warm compress and gently press on the pimple as well as the surrounding area to calm it down. Remember not to press down on it too hard because then you may end up popping it!

How To Cover Pimples Without Foundation

Keep Your Skin Moisturized:

How To Cover Pimples Naturally

2. Tomato

Tomato is an extremely useful product and the presence of oxalic acid in it reduces the pimple scars. Its usage over a period of time can reduce the occurrence of pimples and also banish scars and dark spots. For a new pimple, just rub a tomato slice on it and do not wash your face afterward. Let the juice dry up on your skin. Wash it off after an hour. Repeat this process at least twice daily to see a difference. This will give you a clear idea on how to cover pimples naturally in a short period of time.

3. Ice Cubes

Ice cubes are the true answers to knowing how to hide pimples without makeup. It is the best and the cheapest remedy when it comes to fading out a pimple or making it looks less evident. When you put an ice cube on your pimple, it will not only reduce the redness but it will kind of shrink the pimple down. Overnight you will see that a pimple has magically reduced! You can thank us later!

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Cover Pimples using Ice Cubes

So there you go- our tips on how to cover a pimple without using makeup. While these tips are effective, you have to understand that these are not permanent. You have to find out what is the real reason for your skin breaking out into pimples.

Find that out and try and banish that. You will also need to take extra care of your skin if you are prone to breaking out. Take proper care and you will see how the pimples reduce within a week!


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