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How To Drape Lehenga Saree? Gorgeous Lehenga Saree Draping Styles For The New-Age Fashionista

by Fashionlady
Lehenga Saree Draping Styles

How To Drape Lehenga Saree

Sonakshi Sinha may have brought to us the rage and fashionable touches of the lehenga saree, and we learnt from that on music video how a lehenga saree can be a mesmerizing piece to wear as well. But did you know, just like your conventional saree, there are newer ways on how to drape lehenga sarees?

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5 Ways On How To Drape Lehenga Style Saree

Here are five ways on how to drape lehenga sarees, which we bring to you. Check each of them out and we encourage you to wear the styles at formal events or maybe college functions too.

1. Drape The Odhni Like A Chunni

Throw in a little fun and wear your lehenga skirt as you would. However, the odhni or the pallu of the saree should be draped from the waist, thrown over the shoulder and pinned with a saree pin to fall elegantly behind. Allow the pallu to fall chic and easy over the hand, and let it flow. This brings about a majestic look so regal, all eyes would be on the divaish touch you flaunt. Complete the look with evening makeup, chic smokey eyes and flowing wavy hair.

Best Lehenga Style Saree

Source: nihalfashions.com

2. Short In Front And Long Behind

If the lehenga saree is heavily worked upon and you would like to flaunt the choli which has plenty of embellishments or maybe the flare of the lehenga skirt, here’s a sassy way to do so. The pallu of the lehenga saree can be worn short in front and thrown over to the back, with a saree pin to secure the pallu at the shoulder. Let the pallu at the back fall pretty and flowy, and this would allow the embellished choli and the flare of the lehenga skirt to come in full view. Complete the look with a chic high bun hairdo and glossy lips.

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Lehenga Saree Draping Style

Source: partywearsaree.in

3. With A Kamarbandh

For lehenga sarees that have enough of pizzazz and embroidery work on them, balance the look with a bordered pallu draped from back to front and secured with a chunky kamarbandh at the waist. Drape the pallu as you would a saree from the left to right or the right to left, we leave that choice to you. However, don’t forget to add more secure touches to the pallu with a saree pin holding the pallu on the shoulder. Keep the hair do elegant in a braided bun with flowers for company, and a neutral kamarbandh quite chunky is a must.


Lehenga Saree Draping Styles

Source: shopclues.com

4. Wear It One Way

Another way to make a tantalizing statement with the off shoulder lehenga saree would be to wear the pallu falling over one shoulder in a straight fall pattern. This helps the trousseau find its way to be flaunted and the mermaid like flare to the skirt comes through with utmost chic touches too. The look comes as complete and nice with a tong curled hairdo that falls over the nape of the neck. And forget not the gorgeous sultry dark kohled eye makeup too.

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Lehenga Saree Styles

Source: deal2payglobal.com

5. Drape It Like The Lehenga Choli Saree

Versatile as it is, the lehenga saree can be draped as a lehenga choli saree to bring about a very vivacious regal queen look to your personality. Allow the odhni or the pallu of the garment to fall from one end of the shoulder, all the way back to the other end, and secure it into the waist to keep it from falling out. Use a saree pin on the shoulder and at the waist to secure the pallu. Complete the look with either a chignon or a bouffant bun for an elegant retro look to come through.

Lehenga Saree Designs

Source: lashkaraa.com

We hope you loved our five easy and chic ways on lehenga saree draping styles? Do take a look at the many more videos and tutorials you see online to learn about lehenga saree styles, and especially on how celebrities from B-Town have worn them. Have fun with the lehenga saree designs and their draping styles, but also keep in mind to drape the gorgeous ensemble just perfect for your body frame and your personality too!

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