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How To Wear Saree To Look Slim

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How To Wear Saree To Look Slim For Women

How To Wear Saree To Look Slim.

Sridevi captivated the entire country when she danced on the popular number ‘kate nahi katte din ya raat‘ in the movie ‘Mr India’, and who could forget Sushmita Sen and her chiffon sarees in ‘Main Hoon na’.? Such is the charm of a saree!

Saree is an elegant attire which has withstood time. Ask any Indian woman and you are sure to find a saree in her wardrobe with which she has fond memories. If worn well it can do wonders to your figure. From how to drape a saree to the way you carry it, and how you accessorize, all play a big role in accentuating your look. There are some factors you should keep in mind while wearing a saree. Let us give you a low down on how to wear saree to look slim.

How To Look Slim In Saree

We had recently posted an article on must have sarees every Indian woman must possess. Well, let’s go a little more into detail.


Consider choosing a light weight fabric saree that make you look slim. Fabric like chiffon, georgette gives the illusion of a slim body. Avoid fabrics like Kanjivarams, cotton, or brocrade if you are on the fuller side as they add volume to the look. This is the most basic and important part for how to wear saree to look slim.

Now who doesn’t love a good net saree. We totally lust over it. Even our B-town divas can’t get enough of it. Now, if you are on the heavier side how to look slim in saree? A net saree will highlight your curves, although opt for a one in darker hues so as to conceal any flaws. Pair it with a sexy blouse to add to the oomph.

how to wear a net saree to look slim

Source: sareespalace.com

How Do You Wear A Cotton Saree To Look Slim?

If you are a plus size woman but still love your cottons we would suggest you to go for cotton saree mixed with materials which doesn’t make it too stiff.

How do you wear a cotton saree

Source: indiaemporium.com

How to wear saree to look slim and tall?

If you want to master how to wear saree to look slim, and are short in height, opt for a saree with thin borders to give you an illusion of height. Stay away from big prints and borders.



Choosing the Border of the saree is important. Avoid buying sarees with a broad border, if you are short. A saree with a narrow border or without border will help heavy women look slimmer.

How to wear saree to look slim and tall

Source: sareedreams.com

Check out this video on How to wear a saree to look slim

Colour & Prints of Saree

Give equal importance to color and print of the saree while on a selection spree. A saree in darker hues will help in hiding flaws in the body whereas light colored saree highlights flaws making you look heavy.


Avoiding horizontal stripes is one of the best tricks on how to wear saree to look slim. Along with following the correct saree draping styles to look slim, you should also make efforts to avoid sarees which have horizontal stripes and also and other large geometric patters. You could always pick up sarees which have small geometric patterns. Also it’s a big no for sarees with checkered patterns as well!

How To Wear Saree To Look Slim

Opaque Sarees

If you are on the heavier side, want to wear saree to look slim and have picked up an opaque saree then just make sure not too wear the pallu in a floating style. Though it is not one of the sarees that make you slim, the way you wear your pallu will make all the difference.

The Correct Blouse Design

You need to pay attention to saree blouse designs to look slim. Always remember to stick to simple blouse designs if you are wearing a gaudy saree. You could also do it vice versa by pairing a gaudy blouse design with a simple saree. Wearing a gaudy saree with a gaudy blouse is an ultimate fashion disaster.

Some of the other tips that you could follow in order to look slim while wearing a saree are your shoulder pleats should not be broader than the width of your palm, the shoulder pleats should not droop over the shoulders, make broader pleats in the from of the sari, etc.

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Now that you have a clearer idea on how to wear a net saree and look thin and how to wear cotton saree to look slim, don’t shy away anymore and bring out those gorgeous sarees buried deep in your closet.
Now let’s see how some of our B-town fashionista rocked the six-yard.

Anushka Sharma

The NH10 actress looks equally sizzling in her saree avatar as in her western wear looks. The net sarees that she has donned in the pictured makes her look thinner and taller. We love how she has let her saree shine by keeping her make-up and accessories to the minimum.

Wear saree to look slim

Source: sareeexotica.co

Jacqueline Fernandez

Kick fame Jacqueline Fernandez pulls off the six yard quite elegantly. The Chiffon and Georgette saree add to her frame and make her look slim and tall.

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Wear saree to look slim Tall

Source: shreedesignersaree.com

Hope we have answered all your questions on how to pick and how to wear saree to look slim.

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