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How to Exfoliate your Skin

by Fashionlady
How to exfoliate your skin

How to exfoliate your skin
The human body is amazing. Everything that takes place in our bodies has a specific purpose. For instance, do you know that human beings shed their dead skin every single day? Gross as it may sound, but you, me and everyone around us have 20,000-40,000 dead cells being shed EVERY HOUR! Yes, you read that right.

But this is actually essential for a human being. Your new skin cells, called the Keratinocytes grow at the lowest level of the skin. These try and push through the other layers of the skin. With time, they reach the top and are weathered by the daily activities and they fall off. These dead cells need to fall off so that a new, fresh layer is exposed and you have shiny and supple skin.

However, sometimes all of these don’t flake off and you will have a dull, dry skin. You will thus need to use external methods to flake off the dull layer. This process is called exfoliation. To have a healthy skin, you should exfoliate your skin often. There are exfoliators for every skin type. But you must also keep in mind a few skin care tips, and not overdo it because this can cause your skin to break out and become dry. Yes, there is such a thing as too much exfoliation and it can cause havoc to your skin.

exfoliate your skin

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Make sure you exfoliate right. Read on to know tips and tricks for a glowing skin naturally.

Best tools for exfoliating your body:

Most women think that the loofah is the best method of exfoliation but do you know the number of germs in your old, haggard loofah? Yes, it may seem crazy but nylon loofahs too have an expiry date. So, if your fluffy loofah is more than a month old, it’s time to move on!

Best tools for exfoliating your body

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How to exfoliate skin at home? Well, the best way to exfoliate your body without being too abrasive on your skin is to use a good old body brush or settle down for exfoliation gloves.


Now, this body brush should not be used like a loofah. It is basically a dry body brush, with which you brush your entire body, head to toe, and then take a warm bath. Not only is it soothing, but the warm water will help open your pores and the body brush can increase the circulation in the body. This is an extremely useful and effective way to get rid of the dead cells.

Body Brushing

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Exfoliation gloves are from a different league altogether. The good, non-abrasive ones can help you get a shiny and smooth skin in a trice! You can wear them and just give a nice rub-a-dub to your entire body. It’s comforting and the shine you would have in your body after the bath will be enviable!

Exfoliation gloves

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Body scrubs and bath salts:

In addition to a good body brush and exfoliation gloves, you can also buy some good scrubs which you can be used just like an exfoliation tool or exfoliate your skin naturally. You can also make a multigrain food scrub at home for a squeaky clean feeling. Bath salts are a little expensive but they are very effective for a good skin polish. Most of them are enriched with minerals which also make them very coveted.

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Body scrubs and bath salts

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Natural exfoliation:

You don’t have to go to the market if you want to exfoliate your skin. You have items in your kitchen which can double up as good exfoliation agents. Here are some very effective ingredients to make facial scrub recipes:

  1. Ground fruit seeds and nuts
  2. Sugar
  3. Oatmeal
  4. Ground Coffee and
  5. Sea salt
Natural exfoliation

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