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Exfoliators for Every Skin Type

by Fashionlady
Exfoliators for Every Skin Type

Exfoliators for Every Skin Type
Skin cleansing routines should be tailor made or each individual according to their skin types, daily regimens, work hours, sleeping patterns, weather and any other criteria’s. Needless to say, if you don’t have a routine that you follow yet, its time you make one for yourself. It’s not just something you do once in a while, if you want smooth, clear and glowing skin, its best to follow those regularly.

Cleansing, toning and moisturising are three things that we all swear by. There is one more important facet that we miss out on a daily basis that is exfoliation. You usual clean ups or facials at the beauty salon will definitely give you glowing and magnificent results but that’s cause they do all these and a lot more on your skin to make it better. What you can do is consult your beautician regarding your skin requirements and get products that you could use at home too. You don’t have to skip your salon appointments but a small step at home will give you results that you ll be grateful for later.

Salon appointments are great if is a function or an event that you are gearing up for that’s for a day or two, but if you want those same skin results for everyday basis, you need to put in that extra effort.

I won’t ask you to do much but just analyse what your skin needs and give it that nourishment it requires to be camera ready at all times.


Exfoliation will remove the dead skin cells that make you look dull and sometimes even darker. The breakouts and acne will also slowly disappear if you regularly exfoliate your skin the right way. It will transform your skin and give it a fresher and younger look.


1.Preferably exfoliate during the night time. These give your skin cells the correct time and atmosphere to turnover and absorb all the good chemicals from the scrub.

2.Exfoliation will remove the skin oils too, so make sure you feed your skin those oils to not make it dry or dehydrated. Natural oils are best, so I recommend coconut oil or even olive oil for best results.

3.Steer clear from over exfoliation. If your skin starts to turn red or you feel irritation on parts of your face, it means your skin has been subjected to over exfoliation. Rest your skin and gently just moisturise it with a mild cream or lotion.

4.If the beads or the pigments in your scrub seem even a little coarse, don’t use it for your face. Some people have skin that’s extra sensitive and for those only the scrubs with the micro beads should be used. Jojoba beads are very gentle on the skin and should be preferred over anything else.

5.Choose your scrub keeping in mind your skin type and requirements. If you plan to exfoliate once a week, a month or whichever your set days are.




Do a patch test first. Apply some on one side of your neck and scrub. In case you have reaction, visit your physician. Apply on both cheeks and forehead and scrub gently in circular motion. Be gentle yet a little forceful for the beads to burst and act (in case of micro beads). The gentle massaging of skin will help in good blood flow and your skin will automatically tend to glow. Scrub for 2 to 3 minutes if the texture is coarse otherwise in case of gels or micro beads continue for about 5 minutes. Splash your face with cold water to remove all the excess scrub. Pat dry with a towel and then follow up with the necessary oil or moisturiser or even skin serum.



1. LOREAL PARIS: L’Oreal Paris Go 360 – Exfoliating Scrub

LOREAL PARIS: L’Oreal Paris Go 360 - Exfoliating Scrub


2. FabIndia: Neem Tulsi face pack

3. Lotus Herbals Strawberry & Aloe Vera Exfoliating Face Wash Scrub

4. Neutrogena Deep Clean Blackhead Eliminating Daily Scrub

Nivea Aqua Effect Skin Refining Scrub


8. Lotus Herbals White glow Oatmeal and Yoghurt Whitening scrub

9. Garnier Naturals Pure Active Black Heads Uprooting Scrub

Garnier Naturals Pure Active-Black Heads Uprooting Scrub


10. VLCC Gold Jewel Radiance Polishing Face Scrub

VLCC Gold Jewel Radiance Polishing Face-Scrub


11. Ponds White Beauty Tan Removal Scrub


One golden rule with any scrubs, whether homemade or readymade is that you need to make sure you use them regularly. I have a few simple and easy ones that you can make at home.
OATS: Powder the oats and store in a jar. Just mix with some water and exfoliate your face with it. Brilliant for oily skin.

  • LEMON JUICE: Just mix one tablespoon of lemon juice with some sea salt and scrub your face with it. Make sure you grind the salt fine enough to not hurt your skin while scrubbing. This will act like a de tanning scrub too since lemon has brightening agents.
  • BANANA: Mash a banana and add some ground sugar to it, you could add a spoon full of honey too. Massage this onto your face for 4 to 5 minutes and then wash and pat dry.



    • ALMONDS: Another one for oily skin is the one with almonds and honey. Powder the almonds and mix with some honey and store. Use it on face and neck to exfoliate. Don’t make it too fine when you grind the almonds, a little bit of coarseness is required in the scrub.
    • HONEY & ORANGE: Take equal parts of orange peel powder and oats and to it add a spoon of honey. The consistency should be pasty.
    • STRAWBERRY: For oily skin, you could use this mix to exfoliate your face and neck. Mash strawberries and mix oats and some lime juice to make a mixture. Apply on the face avoiding the face and then rinse with cold water.


  • EGG: Mix an egg white, lemon juice and sea salt. Use this scrub to exfoliate your face. The salt removes germs, the lemon removes blemishes and the egg white will tighten the skin.

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