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How To Fix Button Gaps

by Fashionlady
How To Fix Button Gaps

How To Fix Button Gaps

We all have heard of Button-up (button up shirts), and button-down shirts (good for interviews, meetings or a regular day at work). But button gaps? Oh! That does not only irritates, but can also be a big let-down, and could look sloppy especially in big-busted women.

The look of a crisp button-down shirt is awesome, but what about the button which opens up under boob pressure, revealing the bra and the assets underneath. It makes the ladies feel more exposed.

Main Issue is how to fix gaps in button down shirt? how should a shirt fit? What all is gap womens shirts and womens white button down shirt? But more importantly how to fix button gaps?

Sounds like calling the sun, is it?

Let us find out few of the ways to fix button gaps.

Button Down Shirt

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Tip 1 – Buy Your Size

The first and the foremost – buy the right bra. Any need of highlighting its importance? Na. A bra that gets you a proper fitting is the founding principle or the premise of your clothes fitting you well. Measure your bra size yourself (or thank your tailor for the right measurements he/she gives you) and identify the right fit. Everything else will fall in place.

Tip 2 – The Fit That Matters

Find a well-fitting button-front shirt. The one that doesn’t pull across your chest (even if it is too big elsewhere). It makes sense to take the shirt to the tailor and get the rest of it well-fitted. Realise for a fact that the new “custom” shirt will be worth it.

Tip 3 – Get The Perfect Clothes Iron

Just as garments need to look smooth and crisp, similarly you need a smooth press on how to fix button gaps. This will give you fewer gaps than a rumpled and unkempt feel.

Tip 4 – Use Double-Sided Tape

One trick to get rid of the clumsy look you get ‘cos of those visible gaps between formal shirts is double-sided clothing tape. Place a few pieces of double-sided tape to the placket of that buttons. This will help keep your shirt smooth whatever your position be. In the process, it will give you a clean and trouble-free look.

Button Up Shirts

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Tip 5 – Wearing Camisole Is Worth The Risk

If your button-front continues to betray you, but you don’t have the heart to discard it (Ouch!) here is a different tactic. Wear a pretty-looking camisole underneath it and leave the shirt undone from the offending button upward. Put the finishing props for instance a necklace which covers the low neckline (read cleavage) and you get a totally safe look which won’t ditch you. Never! In short, a camisole will smoothen out the bustline and eliminate gap womens shirts.

Gap Womens Shirts

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Tip 6 – Fake Placket Shirts (Or Illusion Shirts)

Clothes from Hugo Boss are just perfect for office-wear. One seasonal item they have – a side zip mock button down shirt called the “Bashina Stretch Poplin Blouse” which has a fake placket, one that’s completely sewn. This shirt fits a lady like a dream and needs no buttoning or gaping. Owing to the side zip, this type of button down shirt shapes closely to the body, reducing the untucked issue. Genius isn’t it?

How Should a Shirt Fit

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Tip 7 – The Military Tuck

Ever noticed how military men always look polished and perfectly tucked? My dear, they have a little secret (not close-guarded anymore when we ladies encash on it on how to fix button gaps). It is called “Military Tuck” which fixes the gap womens shirts. How does it happen? Well, it fixes the problem by moving excess of fabric from the front and back of the shirt and hiding it in the side-seams.

Womens White Button Down Shirt

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Womens Button Down Shirt

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Tip 10 – Topstick

This is the first thing that can come to the mind of a wardrobe department chief when you ask about the button down gap. Yes, this is Topstick. Whether you cut it off of a roll or in strips, it is a great way to close the gap that happens when a badly placed button interferes with the curve of the bust. So stick and go– it’s going to take you just a few seconds to do it and keep everyone from knowing the color of your bra.

Fashion Tape

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So, how did you find all that you wanted to know about how to fix button gaps? Do give it a try and tell us your experiences. The next time you wear button up shirts or a button down shirt, let your fears and worries be a thing of the past.

Just enjoy your office wardrobe essential with the hope that you will never suffer a wardrobe malfunction again! All the very best!

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