How To Look Stylish While Beating The Heat


We are here to discuss fashion, but can we just talk a little on how hot the climate has been lately? Yes, summer is in with sweat and mood swings.

How to Look Stylish While Beating the Heat

It is that time where the temperature goes higher while bringing down the mood. Indian cities, known for their laid-back nature and nonchalant fashion-approaches, girls take a very relaxed modus operandi when it comes to digging out summer outfits or upgrading their wardrobes.

With the temperature soaring high up to 45-46 degrees, you would just want to blast your air conditioner and stay indoors, catching up on a movie.

But, alas, it’s not that easy. Your boss is not going to give you that privilege. So, you have to step out into the simmering heat. Between rising temperatures outside and soothing A/C inside, waking up and dressing for the office in the summer is indeed a tricky business.

What to Wear to Beat the Heat

While the thought of stepping out for office is only a part of the problem, not knowing what to wear is the biggest challenge. Just one question which gets clicked in every girl’s mind – “So, what to wear to work when it’s so hot outside?”

Another question which may follow up – “Which one is more important to look stylish or dress practically?”

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Luckily, we’ve pulled together some of the most beseeching celebrity looks for your 9-6 shift, from comfy separates to killer sheaths and some few hot tips as well, to help you fashionably beat the heat.

We strongly feel we should take maximum advantage of every season, as each season brings in a lot of fashion ideas and creative traits.

Polka Dots:

These can never be out of fashion. These are your ultimate savior when you are utterly confused about what style to pick while stepping outside. Our actresses heavily rely on the outfits flaunting such prints and so are the fashion designers.

In fashion, what goes around comes around. This season, retro polka dots are back with a boom. You can easily get anything in this print in your nearby boutique or mall.

bollywood actresses in polka dot dress

Pick a frock, a top or a skirt and it will work. Just pair it with any other contrast color and flaunt your creative side.

deepika padukone polka dress

Transparent and See-Through:

Transparency – is the fashion trend of the season, designers often use transparent materials, both as the main fabric, and in the combined models. Summer pants of transparent fabric are also in fashion.

Show your edgy side by going transparent this season. Transparent fabrics like chiffon silk, lightweight linen or organza are ideal to pick for this season. See-through clothing is a favorite in the fashion world.

transparent fabric

Such garments are usually made up of lace or sheer. Such garments are heavily featured on high-end fashion runways every year.

Apart from white and black, you can even choose nude colors, which are also known as illusion bodice.

Also, sheer tops and dresses with undershorts which are a little see-through at some places are high on the trend meter. Check-out our celebrity fashion donning such pieces.

bollywood actresses in sheer tops

As the summer holidays kicks into high gear, Vogue did a survey asking 6 top fashion models to name the looks they would like to take out in their vacation.

long skirts for summer

Casual Frills

If you don’t want a casual look for your office, you can pick any top with frilly necklines and can show up in a sophisticated yet cool look.

What to wear for office during summer

What to wear for office during summer?

We offer you a few rules to keep your look professional while staying cool. Have a look!

  • Avoid wearing outfits with the high-low hems
  • Even though maxi dresses are quite in fashion, say no to them for your weekend dressing
  • Pencil skirts can wait! Avoid styles that hug your body too closely
  • Choose a dress from your closet under which you can wear a regular, supportive bra to be comfortable during heat
  • While you may feel like wearing short length dresses, do keep your hem length near or below the knee
  • Play with colors and prints, which suit your workplace environment or business brand
  • Do not wear flip-flops or casual sandals in a professional setting

Hope this helps!

Happy Shopping!


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