How to Maintain Decent Armpits?


Maintain decent armpits

Are you one of those women who squirm at the thought of a super cute strapless dress? Well, we know what your pet peeve is! Armpits are a tricky area and especially in summers, they can be quite troublesome. Most women like to keep their armpits clean and they may shave, wax or remove the hair for this. Though there are a number of ways to keep your armpits looking decent, sometimes you may end up having discoloration or those unsightly marks on your shirt. We will help you with some tricks and tips which will save you from such an embarrassment.

How to make your underarms look pretty?

Go for that dreaded wax:

We agree, it is a very painful procedure and can make your toes curl, but it is also a sure shot way to prevent those stains. Underarm discoloration, which is a common problem with many women around the world, is usually because of the growth of tiny hair, also known as undergrowth. Professional waxing is one way to ensure that these tiny hair don’t play spoilsport

Armpits hair removal

Maintain basic underarm hygiene:

Yes, it is as simple as that. Sometimes, those stains are because your armpits are not feeling that fresh. First and foremost, you should always wash them! There should never be soap residues left or they will end up accumulating over time and also cause infections. Wash and rinse your armpit, and once you are done, make sure you wipe off any traces of moisture. Use deodorant to make that area clean and dry.

Maintain basic underarm hygiene

Exfoliation is the Key:

Exfoliation is an excellent way to remove dead skin and cells, which may be one of the reasons for your underarm discoloration. Use pumice stone to gently rub your armpits three to four times every week to get rid of the dead skin cells. Once you get used to this regime, you will see that your skin has a much lighter hue to it. Also, remember that the skin in that region is a little softer and more sensitive. Do not go too hard on the skin there.

Armpits cleaning tips

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Change your deodorant:

You may not think your deodorant has a part to play here, but you would be surprised to know that a lot of times the deodorants cause reaction which may give underarm discoloration. There are tons of chemicals in a deodorant and when you use a particular one, it might not suit your skin and may give you rashes. Change to a deodorant which is especially formulated for sensitive skin. They maybe a little more expensive, but they are certainly worth the buy!

Underarm discoloration


Ask your dermatologist:

Underarm discoloration can also be the sign of a bigger underlying issue. The reasons why your underarms are discolored or are darker than the rest of your body are because of irritation or melanin production. If you get it checked by your dermatologist, you would know the underlying cause. The doctor can give you a topical skin cream which can help prevent discoloration. Listen to what he or she has to say and if need be, you can even stop using deodorants for some time.

Tips to make your armpits look pretty

Natural remedies to lighten your underarm:

  • Use aloe vera to massage the skin. Massage in circular motion for five minutes and wash it off with some warm water. Continue this procedure three times a week to see your skin lighten up.
  • Besan (gram flour) and milk: These two are natural skin lighteners and can be made into a paste and applied to the skin. It helps not only to lighten the skin but also exfoliate it.

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