How to Prevent Greasy Hair During The Night


Prevent Greasy Hair

How greasy can life be. There is greasing of the palms and machinery but ever noticed greasy hair. It is the most common hair problem that most of us are facing today. Ouch, the bad smell from the oily scalp or oily hair can be a big turn off. It ends up increasing acne in the hair making it all the more inconvenient for you. Is there any way to put an end to this problem? Here we share some tips on how to prevent greasy hair overnight. Next morning you will be surprised about your hair change.

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Know your hair

First of all, you should know why you may stand a chance to get greasy or oily hair when there are many people who never suffer from this problem.

Greasy hair can be due to the hormonal change post puberty. At times, one can get greasy hair because of menopause, thyroid complications or pregnancy.

Frequent washing of hair can also lead to oily scalp. It is a fact that no matter how hard you try to get the grease, chances are the pesky oil will stay back in the scalp. Whenever you wash your hair, it is likely that your body will respond back by producing more natural oil which will further aggravate the greasiness of your hair. Think of it as the law of nature.

Hair rinsing

Proper rinsing of your hair is a must in order to prevent greasy hair from happening. If you don’t rinse your hair in a correct fashion, it will most likely lead you to getting oily hair.

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Each time you shampoo, follow it up by using cool water to rinse your hair. If you go for hot water, it will end up encouraging the sebum-creating glands so go for cool water. Also, avoid using hair dryer as much as you can as it makes hair dry.

prevent greasy hair overnight

The right shampoo

There are specially designed shampoos such as Moroccan oil that will look after your hair like your best friend. Normal hair needs shampoo with a pH varying between 4.5 and 6.7 whereas oily hair needs shampoos with pH much higher than that.

Moroccan oil shampoos

Best time to shampoo

Make it a practice to shampoo your hair after every alternate day. That’s because oil sebum, dirt and impurities begin to build up on the scalp.

Whenever you are shampooing your hair, rub your scalp gently with your fingers so that there is no scope left for scalp build-ups to happen.

Shampoo your hair


Say no to gels, serums and hair treatments

The best greasy hair solution is to say no to gels, serums and various other hair treatments. Oily hair as you know has a natural shine of its own. Hence, there isn’t any need to coat your hair with additional shining serums and glossy gels. They would only double up your hassles.

Also, whenever you use hair straightener you need to know that your hair will automatically get greasier. So, try to avoid the machine as much as possible. The more your brush out your hair, the more greasing and oil lubrication will happen which will disturb oil from your scalp, so avoid over brushing if you can.

Go for oil treatments

All of us have some amount of oil on our scalps. Only the amount that is secreted varies from scalp to scalp. Fortunately, there are good masks available to deal with oily scalp.

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A combination of coconut oil and almond oil really works. You just need to combine these two and put in a few drops of tea tree essential oil. Once done, apply it to your scalp and leave it for some time so that it gets soaked. Now rinse it off with a good shampoo so that no amount of oil or grease is left on the scalp. Through this technique, you would have nourished both your hair and scalp. Avoid leaving the oil treatment mask overnight as it can be detrimental to your hair.


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