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How to Walk Like a Cat: Catwalk Tips by Fashionlady

by Fashionlady
Catwalk Tips by Fashionlady

How to Walk Like a Cat

Now walk like a cat with charm, grace, style and pace!

Let me tell you on a fashion runway, whether you do a Manish Arora or Valentino, the outfit looks better only when you’re moving right!!

No one can dismiss the charm of a confident walk who does it effortlessly with élan. For this, you do not have shift your career to modeling and become a professional model only to do the cat walk or get it right.

Fashionlady offers you some great tricks to help you turn every path you take into a fashion runway. …And the men just can’t take their eyes off you when you stride pass them!

walk-like a cat catwalk

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Have you ever paid attention to the way cats move, sit, rest or display their signature posture with lightness of step? And have you ever watched a cat hunting a rodent?

Try to catch one such sight in your neighborhood and you’ll find a brilliant state of balance, with measured breath, coordinated limbs and not to mention reveted concentration.

Be more independent and show some confidence

Always try to move with the beat of your own drum. Just don’t let people walk all over you. I urge you not be scared to fly solo sometimes.

how to walk like a catwalk

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Let me tell you cats don’t need a possy nor do they need any groupies. All they need is friends. You definitely don’t require people to accompany you where ever you go. It’s ok if your friends refuse your invitation to an on-going art exhibition.

Be glad that you have got some time for yourself. This is the best chance to learn to do a cat walk in the hall without any hesitance as everybody would be complete strangers to you. Just avoid those unfamiliar faces and focus on getting your steps right.

Here are the 10 basic steps to follow:

1. Always maintain your posture. Always stand with your back straight, keep your neck high, loose your sides, pelvis forward, shoulders down and stomach tucked in. Make sure to keep chin slightly tilted but always look straight.

how to catwalk in heels

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2. Now that you’ve mastered this posture, try this with the highest heels you’ve got. Stilettos play a big role in giving right shape to your body posture. They help you look leggy lass, enabling you with the required height. Always remember shoes speak of your personality even though you do not a cat walk in them.

3. When you start walking, always place your toes down first then your heels. Your weight should always be balanced on the ball of your feet rather than on your heels.


4. Place one foot in front of the other and always keep in mind as if you’re walking on a straight line. This will help your hips to sway naturally.

7. Do not completely focus on your legs, instead pay attention to your arms as well. Make sure they sway naturally while you walk. Don’t swing them too much or else it will look silly. Your arms should always be close to your body, allowing the lower part of your hands to move swiftly. Your fingers should be relaxed and loosened

8. Your posture should always resemble the letter ‘S’. When you’re required to turn, remember how the cat takes a turn. Do it in the same way with elegance and sophistication.

9. Try to be able to relax anywhere. Stretch, and relax anywhere you like. But, don’t fall asleep. Cats are extremely smart and would get straight A’s.

10. It’s all about practice. So, practice, practice and practice. At home just play the music and walk on the beats. You can come up with your own signature style.

Don’t hesitate to practice this fashion art anywhere; be it home, supermarket, park office arena, bank (unless you’re robbing it!)bth_Smiley_wink

how to walk like in the catwalk

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Hope you found this post useful! Do not forget to tell us if those tips were helpful in getting your steps right!

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