Happy Hug Day: The Way Your Guy Hugs You Reveals What He Feels For You

Hug Day

Have you ever wondered what goes through one’s mind when a hug is exchanged? Well, healing takes place magically. Suddenly the world seems better. You start to feel positive about life. Like someone once said, a bear hug after a long day is sometimes all you need to feel better.Happy Hug Day!

It’s a known fact that a hug is the biggest stress buster for human beings. As we humans are bound with feelings, the emotional gestures become crucial for us and hug being one of them. Having said that did you know just as we can know about a person from the way he shakes hands, same way you can know your guy the way he hugs you?

“One day someone will hug you so tight that all your broken pieces will fit back together.”

This hug day FashionLady has come up with an exclusive edition helping you understand the meaning behind his embrace. The way your beau hugs you tells a lot about his feelings for you.

Let’s look at different types of hugs

  • The sneak hug
  • Hug with a gentle rub
  • The waist wrap hug
  • Hug with a pat
  • Hug with touching his head to yours

Now let’s look at each of the different types of hugs in detail and learn the significance of a hug, actually each of the different hugs.

The Sneak Hug

In this hug, your guy sneaks from your behind and puts his arms around your chest! In this type of a guy hug girl from behind, the feeling can be most amazing as a sneaking and sudden grab and hold will make you feel more wanted and secure. These hugs are amazing specially when given while the girl is busy cooking, doing the dishes, while she is reading a book and so on.

Hug day

Source: sbinstitute.com

This kind of gesture suggests that the guy is madly in love with you. He wants you to make you realize about the oneness here, as wraps your body with his arms, while keeping your feet intertwined. As per author of Success Signals, Patti Wood, “By covering your back, he’s conveying that he wants to shelter you. He’s also flexing his masculinity — this displays his strength and dominance.”

However be warned that if you husband/boyfriend frequently hugs you from the back. You should realize that he is longing for a closer connection but thinks you’re unavailable. As per Christopher Blazina, PhD, author of The Secret Lives of Men, “He avoids hugging face-to-face because he’s worried you’re not into him.”

Hug with a gentle rub

In this hug, your guy gently strokes your back while hugging you! This type of hug shows he’s being really affectionate and wants to protect you.

Hug Day

Source: batesmotel.wikia.com

This kind of hug reflects affection, signifying that he deeply cares about you. Since we can’t see our back, so we feel excited and startled at the same time by being touched there.

Moreover, the back is a very exposed part of the body and when your man softly rubs you on such a vulnerable zone, it means that he wants to protect you. There are times when such tender caresses suddenly turn into tight embracing with heavy petting. Since petting has a sexual rhythm, such affectionate gestures can turn him on.

Besides his feelings, you can even study his mood. For instance, he can caress your back when he is upset. As he needs comforting when he is down he hugs you and softly rubs your back to feel assured that no matter what you’re by his side.

This is one of the types of hugs that guys give to reassure that he is there for the girl.

As per Janine Driver, President of the Body Language Institute. “A man might rub your back because, unconsciously, that’s what he’s desiring.” During such situation, you should also give him plenty of cuddles to assure him everything gonna be okay.

The waist wrap hug

In this hug, he wraps your lower back with his hands and pulls you tightly toward him!

Hug Day

Source: trendcrown.co

Ahem! The guy is crazy about you and wants you. As per Patti Wood, “A pelvis-to-pelvis embrace shows he’d like to merge with you sexually.” The farther his hands travel down your body, the more he is sexually aroused.

Don’t we love the meaning of all these hugs. Continue reading.

Hug with a pat

In this hug, your guy gently pats your upper back while holding you!

Okay, this should be the last hug you would want from your man. Let’s face the truth – He’s not into you. The hug with a pat is how men hug their buddies. Forget about being romantic, it reflects how lightly he takes your relationship.

If your guy embraces you like this quite often then it’s time you understood this relationship’s going anywhere. For instance, you are out on a date with your boyfriend and he gives you this half-hearted hug at public place. Then supposedly, he might be doing it to let other girls know that he is not in love with you and that he is still available in the market.

And if he is even doing the same when you are alone then probably you should realize that he is no more interested in you or chances are he is mad at you.

Hug Day

Source: qygjxz.com

Wait — don’t freak out yet! If this kind of hugs only happens once in a while instead of regular basis then it’s not a red flag. Your guy still loves you. Here are a few probable reasons behind it –

  • He thumps you to encourage you for something, say you’re going to give a speech or perform in public
  • If he does this in public. This suggests he isn’t comfortable in showing his love for you before others. So he just tries to keep things casual
  • Your man is preoccupied and his mind is temporarily elsewhere, say on his iPhone, watching TV, thinking about deliverable at office

It is highly crucial to understand clearly the circumstance before making any perception only following these tips.

Hug with touching his head to yours

In this hug, he touches his head with yours!

Hug Day

Source: mocp.org

This kind of gesture suggests that he wants to merge his thoughts with yours as well. For instance, if it’s a new relationship then he wants you to know him in a better manner and if you’ve been together for a while, he’s ready to get more emotionally and mentally intimate with you.

When you’re in love, you should always listen to your heart. Have trust and patience in your relationship and watch out how his love just grows stronger for you with each passing day!

Hope this article on different types of hugs has helped you know what the guy is trying to say

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