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If You Haven’t Tried The Benefits Of Pumpkin Face Mask, You’ve Missed On Vital Beauty Care

by Fashionlady
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Benefits Of Pumpkin Face Mask

Pumpkins aren’t for Halloween alone, and not just a veggie for the dining table fanfare too. In fact, the good old juicy ripe pumpkin for many centuries has been used by women across the world as a facial ingredient. If you haven’t hear of the same or have tried the beauty regime, chances are you’ve been in the dark. The benefits of pumpkin face masks cannot be undermined. Irrespective of the weather and the climes you live in, your skin would be thankful and grateful to the treat it receives through the benefits of pumpkin face masks.

Learn About The Benefits Of Pumpkin Face Masks

Before we introduce you to the facial mask recipe, here are a couple of benefits of pumpkin face mask received from the veggie.

  1. The alpha hydroxyl acids helps in cell rejuvenation and renewal, which in turn means the benefits of pumpkin face mask, helps whiten, lighten and brighten your skin.
  2. Plenty of vitamins and antioxidants in the veggie, helps soften and also smoothen the skin tone and texture. In addition to that, provides plenty of help with fighting free radicals too.
  3. Did you know that chewing pumpkin seeds helps bring into the body plenty of zinc? Zinc in turn helps fight acne and pimples on the skin!
  4. Plenty of vitamin E and essential fatty acids in pumpkin Face masks, helps balance the pH levels of the skin and also regulates sebaceous gland’s working system too.
  5. The paste of pumpkin when used as a pumpkin face mask, helps with doing away spots, blemishes, age signs, pigmentation and moisturizing the skin the natural way.
Uses Of Pumpkin Face Mask

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How To Make Your Own Pumpkin Face Mask!

Now that we have got you all excited and happy, here is a way for you to make your own pumpkin face mask. You don’t have to use chemical based creams that promise whiter skin anymore, and not when you have pumpkin for skin whitening. Here is one of the best Homemade pumpkin face packs which helps with Natural Skin Whitening.

Natural Skin Whitening

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  • 1 cup raw pumpkin ripe, which should be cut into cubes and blended in the machine to form a paste, and
  • 2 tbsp honey
  • 1 cap apple cider vinegar
  • A tablet vitamin E


Homemade Pumpkin Face Packs

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To the paste of the raw pumpkin, you shall add the apple cider vinegar and the vitamin E tablet. Mix the paste well and later on add the honey. Give the mixture a good frothy stir and let it set for five minutes. Apply the paste all over the face and on the exposed parts of the skin. Wait for half an hour for the paste to dry up completely. Once the paste is dry, it would turn flaky. This is when you should dab the surface of the mask with cold water and gently start exfoliating the skin. Give round circular massages to the skin, so as to remove all dirt, grime and excess oil. Wash off with cold water and dab the skin with a final touch of rose water. This is a recipe that should be done thrice a week for oily to combination skin, twice a week for dry skin and sensitive skin conditions too.

Pumpkin For Skin Whitening

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You May Also Try The Pumpkin Face Rub

If you do not have time to do this facial, you could go ahead and use chopped but frozen pumpkin pieces to rub on your skin. What you can do is to rub the piece generously across your face and the exposed parts of your skin, until you feel it is enough. This helps with circulation and the removal of dirt and grime, and lessens the production of oil too. Wipe off the pumpkin juice from the skin in ten minutes or simply wash it off under cold water. In a week’s time, you shall notice the difference and a visible change- lighter shade on the skin, firmness of the skin and clear clean skin to flaunt as well.

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Pumpkin Face Mask

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We hope this post on the benefits of pumpkin face mask comes in handy. If you have your own pumpkin recipe for beauty to share- do write in!

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