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Kat Dennings Bio, Body Measurements, Weight loss and Diet

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Kat Dennings


Personal Details

Name Katherine Litwack
Birthday Date June 13, 1986 [celebrity_age_calc data=”1986-06-13″]
Sun Sign Gemini
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Dark Brown
Nationality A true blue American, Kat has grown up in Pennsylvania but she later shifted to Los Angeles to pursue a career in films
Religion Kat is Jewish and she follows Judaism
Education Kat was home-schooled and though she did go to a school in Pennsylvania, she could only be there for half a day! She completed her high school education when she was just 14 years old!
Occupation Kat did not venture to any other field other than acting. So since the year 2000 till now, Kat has only been an actor.
Marital Status Dennings has been with six men till now, but she hasn’t married any of them, yet. Right now she is dating singer Josh Groban and once indicated that marriage might be on the cards!

Family Details

Father Gerald J Litwack (her father is a molecular pharmacologist and a college professor)
Mother Ellen Judith Litwack (her mother is a speech and poet therapist)
Siblings Kat is the youngest of five siblings. Among them, two of them are known: Sister Debbie Litwack and brother Geoffrey S Litwack
Spouse/Children Kat has never been married and she does not have kids either.

Body Status

Build She is one of those few actresses who are known for their fuller figures and curvaceous bodies
Height 5’3.5”
Weight 128 pounds
Waist Size 27 inches
Hip Size 34 inches
Shoe Size 7 (US)
Body Measurements 38-27-34 in

Kat Dennings Boobs

Kat dennings Without Makeup

This beautiful and most loved actress, has her way of stealing hearts whether she’s having makeup on or not. Her brilliant looks on and off screen have swayed millions of hearts from when she’s entered the reel life. Kat Dennings loves to be at her natural best at most times and it’s definitely a good thing, considering her killer looks and sharp features. She has visited events without any formal makeup and pulled it off in the most stunning way.

Kat dennings Without Makeup

Favorite Things and Hobbies

Color Pink- Kat loves all things cute and pink and in most of her wardrobe she has a splash of all things girly
Food Kat and food share an unspoken and unbreakable bond. She tweets about food all the time and give the girl some pizza, she will gulp them all down in a jiffy! Now, that’s one actress we would love to follow- Someone who does not eat like a bird and can hold her pizza down!
Place She loves LA and if you know the reason why, you will literally laugh out loud! Kat loves LA because she believes that the best cupcakes in the world are in LA! We told you that this girl loves her pizzas and now you know her secret love for cupcakes too.
Sport Though Kat is a through and through video games addict and she could go on for days playing, she also loves ping pong and can often be seen playing this game with her costars. Time and again she has displayed her affection with the game by inviting anyone and everyone for a game.
Brand Kat is very particular when it comes to certain makeup brands. Though she is a fan of Avon lipsticks and has sported them in several of her movies, she is also seen wearing a lot of Tarte makeup. This girl loves her foundation in the right shade and so she trusts this brand a lot.
Actor/Actress Kat Dennings is a huge fan of Bill Murray. She also loves Phil Connors from Groundhog Day (1993). She has watched this movie over 300 times.
Film Groundhog Day is her favourite movie and like we said before, she has literally watched the movie more than 300 times and if you could ask her to watch this movie again, she would watch it 300 times again! Now that’s one super fan!


Kat Denning's Magazine Cover

Kat Dennings Weight Loss

We have always loved Kat’s full figure and her buxom physique. Time and again she has proved the point that she doesn’t need to be a certain size to fit into the Hollywood prototype. However, as she grew older, she decided (at 28) that she probably needed to lose some weight- to be a fitter and healthier version of herself. Kat has always told her fans that she is very happy by the way she looks, but as she starts hitting the 30s, she would like to focus more on her health and start eating stuff that is actually good for her body. Kat has openly talked about the fact that she really loves food, and that often on sets, she would be binge eating. That is why she decided to go healthy, once and for all.

In recent pictures that have emerged of Kat Dennings, she is looking very fit and seems to have lost a lot of weight too.

Workout Plan

Though Kat does not have a fixed workout plan, Kat is a very sporty person and loves to go outdoors for hike or even a run. She also loves running on the treadmill and hits the gym whenever time allows her. Her favourite part of exercising in the gym is also doing crunches. Her favourite sport is ping pong and people who think that you won’t lose weight while playing this game are wrong! Ping pong needs a lot of running around and you are sure to lose some good amount of weight while playing this game!

Diet Plan

Kat told her fans that she spent a lot of her time binge eating and stress eating and this was causing a lot of havoc in her life. Her eating habits were also taking a toll on her. The first step she took to bring her life back to form was to give up on all the junk food that she was gorging on.

Kat Dennings started the Fit Girls Guide’s 28 Day Jumpstart, a nearly month-long food challenge that strives to get girls fit through healthy eating. This guide features not only healthy recipes, but it also gives you an overview of all the exercises you should be doing for a month to get your body back on track. The 28-day Jumpstart is easily available online and you can buy it to start your journey today!

Kat Denning's Diet Plan

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