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Uses And Benefits Of Kiwi To Get A Flawless Skin

by Fashionlady
Uses Of Kiwi

With Kiwi, you can imagine what your salads and ‘munching at free time’ would be. Yummy! Kiwi has a tangy-cum-sweet taste, but more than the taste, it is known for giving a beautiful skin. Come, let’s find out how ‘skin-loving’ is Kiwi fruit for us.

Benefits of Kiwi

Kiwi benefits for skin:

Kiwi “Fruit Facts”:

It’s important to know the value of what you are munching, isn’t it?

Here are the benefits of kiwi fruit for skin –

1. Skin Healer: Kiwi helps in faster healing of cuts and abrasions on skin, because of it’s vitamin C, which helps in wound healing.

2. Firm Skin: Application of mashed kiwifruit on skin helps in carrying vital nutrients to the skin dermis. This helps in restoring the firmness of the skin.

3. Sun Damage: Kiwi fruit is extremely rich in vitamin C and amino acids. This helps in keeping harmful rays of the sun at bay, and prevents sun damage.

4. Facial Cleanser: The delicious Kiwi fruit can be used as an excellent facial cleanser. Guess why? ‘Cos it defends skin against harmful free radicals and helps in restoring natural pH balance (without the help of harsh chemicals).

5. Exfoliates Dead Skin: When you peel the kiwifruit, and scrub the peel on your skin/face, you can happily exfoliate dead skin cells, thanks to the enzymes in it that make your skin flawless and smooth.

6. Rejuvenates Skin: The happy presence of skin-friendly nutrients such as vitamin C, E and antioxidants boost and rejuvenate skin health.

7. Cell Regeneration: Kiwi fruit has high amounts of Vitamin E – which make the skin youthful and supple, and aid in regeneration of skin cells.

8. Controls Excess Sebum Production: With oily skin, your face could actually end up reflecting light. Anybody to trust in ‘undoing’ sebum? Yes, there is kiwi fruit.

9. Anti-Aging: Kiwifruit, yes kiwi, scavenges the free radicals. Pray, how does this help? This delays the ageing signs like wrinkles, age spots, and fine lines.

10. Fights Acne: Pop-ups on face could be mood-spoilers. Thank kiwi fruit. It has anti-inflammatory properties, which help fight acne, and clear pores to prevent further skin breakouts

11. Skin lightening: Goodness of Vit C comes into play when it comes to skin lightening! Kiwi fruit has Vit C which helps lighten skin tone.

12. Glowing Skin: No pains, no gains…Just grab a kiwi fruit, and include it in your daily meals or snack time. And then, keep glowing naturally.

13. Skin Moisturizer: The brown-skinned fruit with tasty green replenishes your skin with its moisturizing abilities.

17. Anti-Inflammatory: Kiwi fruit is an anti-inflammatory food. It helps decrease internal oxidative damage.

Kiwi Face Masks/Packs for All Skin Types:

Here are some DIY masks with kiwi fruit.

For non-eaters of kiwi, the skin of this fruit is pretty edible! And has triple fiber!

Benefits of Kiwi for Skin

Source: siasat.com

1. Kiwi Fruit Pulp Mask:

What all you need: Just the pulp of kiwi fruit is good-to-go


  1. Scrape off the brown skin of kiwifruit using a peeler
  1. Now when you have just the “green” part left of a kiwi, split it into half
  1. Take out the pulp
  1. Now apply this pulp all over your face, and neck

How it works: Well, this type of kiwifruit mask is a great mask on its own. You will find that the end result on your skin is great.

Tip: You might feel a tingling sensation on your face (on applying the kiwi fruit pulp) initially. But, it will gradually die down.

2. Almond And Kiwi Face Pack:

What all you need: Few raw almonds, and kiwi fruit


  1. Soak some almonds overnight
  1. Crush them, next morning, into a fine paste (by adding some gram flour/besan)
  1. Now is KIWI-TIME! It means, add chopped kiwifruit (or pulp) to this paste.
  1. Apply the paste evenly on your face
  1. Wash it off when it dries

How it works: Almond, as you know, is blessed with vitamin E. Kiwifruit – on the other hand – is rich in Vitamin C. Which is why, this type of face mask gets you ‘double advantage’.

3. Yogurt And Kiwi Face Pack:

What all you need: Kiwifruit (finely chopped or as pulp), 1 tbsp yogurt


  1. Chop the kiwi or use it as pulp
  1. Mix it well with yogurt
  1. Now its APPLY-time (it means apply the paste evenly on your face)
  1. Let the paste stay on the face for 15-20 min
  1. Wash it off with warm water to get glowing skin

How it works: Guess the ‘common’ thing between yogurt and kiwi? Both of them are good to consume and are applied topically.


4. Kiwi And Lemon Face Pack:

What all you need: Pulp of kiwi fruit, and some lemon juice


  1. Mix the pulp of kiwi fruit with juice of fresh lemon
  1. Get a cotton swab for yourself
  1. Apply the liquid blend on your face
  1. Leave it on your skin for 15 min
  1. Then, wash it off with plain water

How it works: Lemon is a natural bleaching agent, whereas kiwi is high on nutritional content. This mask is best for oily skin.

Tip: This face pack minimizes pores and skin blemishes. This is one of the best benefits of kiwi for skin.

Kiwi and Lemon Face Pack

Source: pinterest

5. Kiwi Yogurt And Banana Face Pack:

What all you need: Kiwi fruit, Banana, 1 tbsp yogurt


  1. First of all, mash a banana
  1. Now add the balance ingredients – yogurt and kiwifruit (of course!)
  1. Apply this paste on your face evenly
  1. After 15 min, wash it off with warm water

How it works: Suitable for dry skin to normal skin, this face mask brings hydration and ‘softening’ up of skin.

6. Kiwi Avocado Face Pack:

What all you need: 1 Kiwifruit, 1/2 Avocado, 1 tsp honey


  1. Start off by mashing half of avocado and kiwifruit.
  1. Blend till the mixture gets smooth and consistent
  1. Now add honey to it
  1. Apply the paste on your face and neck
  1. Wash it after 15 min with cool water

How it works: This Kiwifruit mask not only brings glow to your face, it also makes stress and ageing signs vanish off in no time.

Tip: Repeat it once a week in order to get smooth and glowing skin

Kiwi Avocado Face Pack

Source: pinterest

7. Kiwi And Strawberry Face Mask:

What all you need: Kiwi, a couple of strawberries, Fuller’s Earth, Sandalwood powder


  1. Make a pulpy paste by mixing kiwi fruit and strawberries
  1. Now add Fuller’s Earth and sandalwood powder (both these are good for oil control) to the paste
  1. Apply the paste on your face for 15 min
  1. Wash it off with lukewarm water

How it works: Ideal for all skin types, this face pack rejuvenates dull and lifeless skin

Kiwi Face Packs

Source: makeupandbeauty.com

8. Kiwi And Egg Yolk Packs:

What all you need: Half of Kiwi fruit, 1 tbsp olive oil (or almond oil)


  1. Begin the preparation of this face mask by combining half of kiwi along with few drops of essential oil (olive or almond)
  1. Now add one egg yolk to it
  1. Mix well
  1. Apply this pack on your face
  1. After 15 min, wash it off

How it works:Egg-etarians’ are in for surprise. This face pack made of egg is ‘skin tightening’ and skin clearing, both. Plus, it gives you glowing complexion.

9. Kiwi, Almond And Gram Flour Pack:

What all you need: 1 tbsp kiwi pulp, 1 tbsp besan (or gram flour), 1 tbsp powdered almond


  1. In a bowl, combine all the three ingredients
  1. Make it into a paste
  1. Leave it on your face for 30 min to get best results

How it works: All the three ingredients are excellent for your skin. Besan is a good skin cleanser and exfoliant. When kiwi and banana are mixed, then it beautifies the skin.

10. Kiwi Pulp And Sandalwood Face Pack:

What all you need: 1 tbsp kiwi pulp, 1 tbsp sandalwood powder


  1. Mix sandalwood powder with kiwi fruit pulp
  1. Apply it on your face
  1. After few min, wash it off with cold water
  1. Moisturize your face

How it works: Meant for oily skin, this face pack keeps your skin cool and less prone to acne.

11. Kiwi And Olive Oil Mask:

What all you need: 1 tbsp kiwi (pureed), 1 tbsp olive oil, 1-11/2 tbsp plain yogurt


  1. Start by pureeing the kiwi in a food processor till you get a smooth paste
  1. Take a bowl now and mix kiwi puree, yogurt and olive oil
  1. Add a thin layer of the paste on your face
  1. Let the mixture dry up slightly
  1. Then rinse it off with warm water

How it works: Lactic acid in yogurt, and alpha hydroxy acids found in kiwi do good amount of exfoliation for skin

12. Kiwi And Honey Face Pack:

What all you need: 1/2 of ripe kiwi, 1 tbsp pure honey


  1. Start off by peeling half of the kiwi and discarding its skin
  1. Now put the flesh of the kiwi fruit in a mixing bowl
  1. Mash the flesh using a fork
  1. Pour in the honey
  1. Mix the ingredients well
  1. Apply this face pack to your freshly cleaned and wiped face
  1. After 20 min, rinse it off with warm water

How it works: Kiwi is antioxidant rich, and has vit C which repairs skin damaged due to acne. Honey is also a good antioxidant which battles mild acne.

13. Grapes And Kiwi Face Pack:


  1. Mash a few grapes, and take out the pulp
  1. Mash a ripe kiwi (with black seeds intact)
  1. Mix both the ‘pulps’ together
  1. Now add yogurt to this mixture
  1. Apply a bit of this on cleaned face
  1. After 20 min, wash it off with lukewarm water

How it works: Black seeds of kiwi fruit have omega 3 oils, and a multitude of vitamins – C, E, K. This does wonders on your skin.

Kiwi” and RISK factors? Let’s find out.

Kiwi and Grapes Pack

Source: cookingdangerously.com


Kiwi fruit is safe to consume. However, it might make some prone to allergy. Here are the things you need to know:

  1. Allergy: A kiwi ‘allergy’ is less in severity as compared to the ones caused by other nuts. Symptoms of allergy to kiwi include mild swelling, diarrhea, stomach ache, itching in mouth. Whatever be the case, consult your doctor immediately.
  1. Irritation in Mouth: Had excess of kiwi? It might cause irritation in mouth, owing to the high acidity.
  1. Diarrhea: Though Kiwi is a natural laxative (because of its high fiber), overeating of this fruit can lead to diarrhea in some cases.
  1. Blood Clotting: Those individuals who have bleeding disorders are liable to risk on kiwi consumption.

So the next time you pick a kiwi fruit for yourself, eat it-and-share it, after you have weighed all the pros and cons. Nevertheless, Kiwi could be (or is be) one of those delicious foods your plate is missing. Drop in a line or two how ‘Kiwilicious’ you found this article!

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Aaryahi Patel June 8, 2017 - 12:03 pm

My skin is very dry. Should I use Kiwi on my skin?

Deepika Dewan June 14, 2017 - 1:50 pm

Kiwi has plenty of skin benefits, but moisturizing dry skin and preventing it is unfortunately not its key point. It works in making you look younger and rejuvenating your skin, but getting rid of flaky skin is not what kiwi does. So it’s preferable to try other ways which help dry skin rather than kiwi.

Aditi Mittal June 22, 2017 - 2:08 pm

Can we store Kiwi in Fridge?

Deepika Dewan June 23, 2017 - 11:00 am

If you want the kiwi to ripen faster, it is preferable to keep it outside. And if the fruit is firm, it is better to not refrigerate it.

Ava July 11, 2017 - 1:38 pm

Can we eat Kiwi skin also?

Deepika Dewan July 18, 2017 - 2:30 pm

Contrary to perceptions, the kiwi skin is fully edible and more nutritious than the fruit inside.


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