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Laptop Bag For Women To Flaunt: Work And College Is A Fashion Temple

by Fashionlady
Laptop Bags for Women

Laptop Bags for Women

Would you wear the same outfit every month? Would you wear the same lipstick every month? Would you not want to try and experiment with looks, styles and trends? Wouldn’t you want something that speaks volumes about your personality? And if the answer is a YES, why then would you want to carry the same old laptop bag to your office, everyday! Twelve months a year and the same old bag, while you pay attention to every tiny detail when dolling up as a corporate woman or a college chick- SO NOT DONE!

Take A Look At Some Stylish Laptop Bags!

12 means 12, and here are 12 chic laptop bags for women that speak of fun and professionalism at the same time!

Designer Laptop Bags

Yes, designer laptop bags for women are the trend now and you could have one of them too. Let’s show you four of them here which would make you want to go and pick them now!

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1. The Kailo Chic Women’s Pleated Laptop Tote

Is that a tote or is that a laptop bag? Keep them guessing, your boss and clients especially when you carry the sexy Kailo Chic Women’s Pleated Laptop Tote to work this Monday. Beat the Monday blues all through the month with the Gray Chevron collection

Kailo Chic Women's Pleated Laptop Tote 

Source: pinterest.com

2. The Danier Laptop Bag Collection

Formal and yet with a hint of all things fun, the serious looking laptop bag has a touch of royal blue, and with many compartments within to not only house a laptop, but your daily feminine essentials too!

Danier Laptop Bag for Women

Source: pinterest.com


3. The Kate Spade Briefcase

The Kate Spade briefcase is a wonderful laptop bag, which houses your technological gadget and also your official documents too. There are compartments built within for other items to store, and sans the need to compromise on space – made from leather for a finer taste!

Kate Spade Briefcase

Source: zassets.com

4. A Touch Of Red

Bring in a touch of red to your smart casual look this Friday wearing a cute laptop bag as an accessory. The buttoned up bag doesn’t look like a formal embellishment, and yet would be a fun way to flaunt your quirky touch at work

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The Francine Tan Thoroughbred 14inches laptop bag made from pure leather and in nude shades helps complete a very formal look for work. The trendy Women’s Laptop Briefcase is spacious and can be carried around for all seasons too!

Formal laptop bags

Source: pinterest.com

2. Rolling It Out

For the corporate woman who lives out of the airport most of her time, a rolling laptop bag is a must have. The collection from Women’s 17″, 15″ Rolling Laptop Bags in dark shades of royal blue to black, suits the business environment too!

Rolling Laptop Bags

Source: yottaa.net


Ultra cool and uber sexy at the same time, LONDON from GRACESHIP has a range of very formal and haute laptop bags for the corporate woman to choose from!


Source: pinterest.com

4. Clark & Mayfield

For any season and for all business reasons, the Clark & Mayfield Stafford Leather rolling laptop bag 17.3″ in built should be a must-have especially if you have to trudge the gadget around a lot!

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Clark & Mayfield Stafford Leather rolling laptop bag

Source: pinterest.com

For The College-Goer

College goers these days tend to use their laptops for their assignments, more than the conventional pen and paper ways! Here are four cute fashionable laptop bags to gift your daughter, your sister or your wife with!

1. Floral And Leather

Made from pure white leather, and with floral touches for designs that too, the cute floral leather laptop bag is a trendy statement she’d make while attending her first day of college!

Fashionable laptop bags

Source: allengine-magazine.com

2. Backpack College Laptop Bags

A touch of the old-glam world charm with a Backpack College Laptop Bag that doubles up as a rucksack for your daughter- cute isn’t it?

Backpack College Laptop Bags

Source: pinterest.com

3. The Duchess Case

Daddy’s little princess all grown up, and now a Duchess! Her majesty thus needs a Duchess Case to carry her techno gadget to school and for her internships too!

Stylish laptop bags

Source: pinterest.com

4. A Designer Touch For The Fashionable PYT

Allow her to flaunt her designer touches at college or school, with the Vera Bradley Laptop Backpack that speaks volumes about her style and taste!

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Vera Bradley Laptop Backpack

Source: ebags.com

With so many more stylish laptop bags to flaunt and pick from, which one would you want to buy today?

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