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Laser Hair Removal Can Be A Total Disaster Unless You Keep These Points In Mind

by Fashionlady
Tips To Remember Before Getting A Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is a technique of removing unwanted hair growth permanently. Initially it may appear more expensive than a regular wax or threading, but when you compare its permanency to all the money you might spend on wax and threading throughout your life and the time you invest. As the trick started working on the minds, more and more people have grown a fondness of laser hair removal that offers a once and forever rid of wanted hair strands on your body.

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Tips To Remember Before Getting a Laser Hair Removal

Before you book an appointment with the clinic, here are a few tips to remember before getting a laser hair removal.

Building On Expectations

Laser hair removal works by breaking down the melanin in your hair follicle that gradually makes it tear down. Thus, the treatment works best of coarse and dark hair than red, grey, or blonde hair. Also, the technique would work less or not at all in case of those suffering from hormonal problems or polycystic ovaries disease.

Laser Hair Reduction

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Consult Beforehand

Before starting with the actual regimen, I’d always advise you to go see the laser hair removal technician or beautician, in many cases even your doctor. In case you have had a medical history or a condition that may get aggravated by the laser rays, you must be well informed of it, before making the final decision or blocking the calendar.

Best Laser Hair Removal Machines

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Stay Out Of Sun

It is wise to keep yourself locked in the house for at least 6 weeks prior to the date of your appointment. Laser beams on sun tanned skin can engender burns and blisters. For that matter, also, avoid tanning beds and fake tan sprays. Even fake tan lotions should be avoided for at least a month and a half before you visit the clinic to get your unwanted growth lasered out.

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Ideas For Hair Removal

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Clean Skin Is The Mantra

For a day, before you show up at the laser clinic, try and stay away from make-up and any other chemical product that is applied topically. If you are going to get your underarms hair removed, don’t put deodorant while you go out that day. Also, take a break from moisturizing. Cleanse your skin thoroughly to get the minutest bit of particle removed.

Best Laser Hair Removal

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Shave It Off

When I say, shave it off, I mean that literally. Don’t go for the laser treatment with a full growth, like we all do when we show up at the parlor for wax or threading. Again, to cover the embarrassment, don’t jump there in your smoothest best. So don’t wax. They need some of your hair, perhaps tiny hair strands to show, so that they know where to target. Best is to shave the previous morning.

Things To Keep In Mind

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Cut The Caffeine Out

You need to stay calm and relaxed while the rays enter your body. In the interest of which, try not to any caffeine on the day and the day prior to your visit. Caffeine might cause anxiety that would hamper the process all together.

Hair Removal Ideas

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Full Body Session Is A No No

One of the major things to keep in mind while going for laser hair removal is that, there is just so much that the body can take of the laser rays in one sitting. It is hence advised that you get parts of the body clear of hair and not expose your entire body to those rays, because, human body is not designed to absorb all that in a sitting. A reputed careful clinic would never encourage you to do that, but if you see your clinic emphasizing on it, you know it’s your time to grab your purse and run.

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