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How To Dress Like A Popstar, Explained

by Fashionlady
How To Dress Like A Popstar

Popstar Outfits

We admire them, we follow them on social media, we dream to be like them, we do our make up like them, we dress our hair like them, and we want to now learn how to dress like them. Phew! So here is what we shall do for you, while we tell you how to dress like a popstar, here are a couple of female very fashionable and daring yet chic fashion statements that can help with the emulation of styles.

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Celebrities Show Us How To Dress Like a Popstar In Various Popstar Outfits

Take a good look as we narrow down and talk about a few female pop stars that have changed the course or made waves with the word FASHION!

1. Let’s begin with the good-girl-gone-bad singer, Rihanna. Rihanna is known to evolve with every fashion statement she brings to us. From the nude long dresses embellished in sequins to the girl next door with short flannel skirts and a crisp shirt, RiRi wears t all. Her style is very progressive, and much on the lines of pop diva from yesteryears, Madonna. So if you are ready to shock the world fashionably, RiRi can teach you a thing on how to dress like a popstar.

rockstar costumes

Source: eonline.com

2. Victoria Beckham undoubtedly looked the best amongst the five in a girl band SPICE GIRLS. She has a sense of fashion, style, elan and grace, which none of the others could match up to. Victoria is perfectly dressed always, and she has broken down the ‘snob appeal’ to much more reasonable girl-at-the-movies look. From long black dresses to oomph harem pants and skirts galore, Victoria scores plenty of fashion goals.

Popstar Fashion

Source: youtube.com

3. Beyonce is the queen of fashion and one of the most influential figures in the world of pop music and popstar outfits fashion scene to behold. Along with her husband JAY Z or without him, Beyonce with her hair flicking stances and brave curvy sized clothing makes every look she comes with, one to behold. Being ebony toned, she is one of the fewest afro-american pop stars that carries bright colors and coolest of tones like a queen!

Retro Outfit

Source: pinterest.com

4. Let’s say HELLO to Adele, and her signature beehive hairdo. Not only that, if you want to have popstar fashion emulation such as hers, you would also need to learn how to doll up your eyes with the right tones to get the smokey eyed look. Don’t forget to wear your black A line dress and to shower the 60s retro fashion through and through, because that is what Adele is all about.

Rockstar Outfit

Source: wordpress.com

5. Talking about an amalgamation of the old and the new, Lana Del Ray blends into the tag very well. She is a fashion icon for girls that want to emulate the good old swinging sixties style with a bad-girl attitude. But don’t forget the signature glossy lips, and the retro pop bouffant hair with ribbons, because without that, Lana Del Ray is non-existent.

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Rockstar Outfits

Source: rollingstone.com

6. Azealia Banks brings to us the famous golden nineties in old-school-hippity-hop fashion styles. This means, YORU SWAG is back with the music of Banks and her glowing DARE ON YOUR FACE fashion statements. Enough said on this tone of rock star fashion.

Best Rock Star Fashion

Source: fashionmagazine.com

7. She keeps on falling in love with us and we with her, but although Alicia Key’s has been in the news of late because she has decided to ditch makeup for good, the R&B diva still tells us how to wear your denims, a crop top and cornrow hair like a queen.

Rock Star Fashion

Source: fashionisers.com

9. She doesn’t leave an envelope unpushed in the world of fashion, and loves her controversial styles too. Lady GaGa mixes high power fashion concepts with edgy statement accessories, loud or no makeup at all, but when left to herself, she prefers to be au naturale.

Ways To Dress Like A Popstar

Source: eonline.com

10. Nicki Minaj is stuck in between being haute and being wild. Her signature crayola pastel hair says it all, but if you are creative, you would wear and play with sheer, lace and sheens, which are Nicki’s favorites!

Retro Outfits

Source: mtv.com

But before we end on popstar fashion and since we have told you about how to copy or emulate rockstar outfits and , retro outfits too, let’s take a moment to pay respect to the yesteryear queen of popstar and rockstar costumes, Madonna! We don’t need to explain it more!

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