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Latest And Stylish Ruffle Lehenga Collection

by Fashionlady
Ruffle Lehenga Collection

When you think about ruffles and flounce, chances are you’re envisioning yourself as a toddler going to a family event wearing a party dress covered in multi-layers. Back to the present date: The historical frilly detail has got a huge fashion makeover with top designers coming up with pieces featuring voluminous ruffles and structured shape. The key to looking adult with the exaggerated frills is to make the ruffled piece the focal point of your ensemble, and making sure it’s balanced.

Ruffle Lehenga Collection

The beauty of this fashion is that it isn’t reserved for a certain ensemble category rather it’s a detail that can be added to any pieces-lehengas included. Plus, they can take on several forms, from beaded to embroidery.

How To Wear Ruffled Lehenga To Wear Now:

Here, we have rounded 10 Ruffle Lehenga ideas for you to choose from:

1. Powder Blue Ruffled Lehenga:

Brace yourselves-the layered lehenga this season is totally cosmic, according to top designers. Get an idea of the whole ‘70s vibe with the ensemble below. An effortless piece like this is the perfect solution for an evening occasion and on-trend color will make you stand out for the good reasons.

Blue Ruffled Lehenga

Source: vogue.in

2. Mint Green Ruffled Lehenga:

Ruffled lehenga just got way dramatic, right? Look how the western detail slipped its way into Indian wear. Get after it with the mint green ensemble below!

Bridal Ruffled Lehenga

Source: facebook.com/Dipak.Studio

3. Multi-colored Beige and Ruffled Lehenga:

Pair this multi-colored lehenga with a classic blouse, and you’ll be a moving piece of art. Subtle ruffle details with sequins takes this lehenga from gorgeous to “OMG, where’d you bought that!?”

Multi Colored Beige Ruffled Lehenga

Source: styletriggers.com

4. Grey Embroidered Lehenga Choli:

Somber shade, but make it fashion. How crazy is the ruffled lining of the embroidered lehenga? These are the perfect piece for someone looking to spin similar style for the first time. Take this frill long skirt while attending a ceremonious event.

Grey Embroidered Lehenga Choli

Source: restrocloth.com

5. Embroidered Georgette and Netted Lehenga:

Embroidery designs are popular yet again thanks to the likes of hi-fashion designers. Walk on your dramatic side with the georgette and netted lehenga options below. This can literally catch all attention and get you all the compliments.

Embroidered Netted Ruffle Lehenga

Source: fashionkafatka.com

6. Peach Colored Lehenga with Net Design Ruffle Dupatta:

Mix and match patterns are coming in hot and give you the ultimate look. Shop for similar clashing designs like the ones below! Anyone up for peach colored lehenga and ruffled dupatta?

Lehenga With Ruffle Dupatta

Source: jomso.com

7. Mint Green Silver Embellished Ruffle Lehenga Set:

Yes, its’ a thing! Mint green shade is here to stay. These embellished lehenga set could be a subtle way to introduce the color into your wardrobe this season. And why not go for it in a lehenga style form?

Designer Ruffle Lehenga Set

Source: azafashions.com

Art Silk Red Lehenga

Source: brijraj.com

10. Grey and Silver Embroidered Lehenga:

We went all crazy for this richly embroidered lehenga. Scroll below and you will be too. You can wear this designer party wear to a wedding, cocktail, engagement, and family function, to make it seem like you really got something going.

Grey and Silver Embroidered Lehenga

Source: facebook.com/ShantanuNikhil

11. Multi-layered Lehenga:

A multi-layered lehenga is just perfect for those glamorous nights, no? We mean, yes to the breezy dramatic on this pretty ruffled set.

Multi-layered Lehenga

Source: instagram.com/shyamalbhumika

12. Ruffled Organza Lehenga:

When extra is the mood, and you just can’t get enough of ruffles-these lehenga will be here for you. And this organza creation is to die for.

Ruffled Organza Lehenga

Source: suneetvarma.in

Hope these 12 stylish Ruffle Lehenga help you get a right-fit for your personality. We bet you will. If you want to fill you on frill lehenga saree we have that covered too. Thank us later.

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