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How To Layer Skin Care Products The Right Way

by Fashionlady
How to layer skin care products for beauty

How to layer skin care products

Is there a right way to apply products? Should it be creams first and then the serums or oils? Should one apply their SPF first and then go ahead and wear their makeup? Jitters jitters, there are so many questions on how to layer skin care products, layering skincare. A very good question that too, and as fashionistas, we are looking for answers all the while. You could ask many skincare experts the same question- how to layer skin care products, layering skin care. The first thing they would do is to check your skin type and condition and then suggest. Now the answers would vary from one to the next on your question- how to layer skin care products, layering skincare, and this is why there are a few ground rules to lay before you go ahead.

Let’s take for granted that you do your cleansing the right way, which according to you is the best. The golden rule from then on should be the lightest to the heaviest- product wise. Products that are lighter are low in viscosity and hence they penetrate faster and deeper into the skin. Such products would be.

  1. Toners
  2. Serums
  3. Essences etc

So what you should do is to slap them on your skin first, according to the golden rule. The next step would then be to use creams and oils on the skin, it is what keeps the products in.

You should also be very careful about how you pair products with one another. When using topicals, it would be best to follow what we have given below-

  1. For hydration needs, use a toner which is water-based or an essence which is meant for hydration
  1. Use a serum next which targets the treatment reason you are using it for
  1. Last, you would then use the oil or the cream for the products to settle in.

Done! Sounds simple right? However, there are caveats to care about. Nothing comes easy as it is said. What you need to watch out for are the ingredients.

How To Use Skin Care Products

If you want to tone your skin

What you need to do is to balance and hydrate your skin, using a spritz toner. You could also use a treatment toner if the need arises. However, if you are using the latter, it should be used very lightly.

What if you have a wart or a zit?

Spot treatments should be done here if you have zits and warts on the skin. However, when using products that have glycolic acid, lactic acid, benzoyl peroxide or even salicylic acid, they should never be mixed along with retinoids or retinols. What happens is that retinol, as we know, would break the skin’s barrier down. Too much use of it would lead to skin thinness and irritation. And when you use other products with it, it could mess up the whole potency of the treatment you are doing. So what you can do is to use retinol and forego the spot treatment. But if you are using a treatment toner, you can go ahead and omit this step altogether.

Layering skin care

What about the use of serums?

If you are using serums for the skin, go right ahead and do it. But look out for the vitamin C in it, which most say is a miracle ingredient that protects the skin from everything under the sun. Vitamin C is good, but it also can lead to the drying of the skin and can irate the skin tone and texture too. If you are using vitamin C, it would be great if you could use it during the day. The best time to use retinols and AHAs and BHAs would be the night.
Oil or moisturizers?

When talking about layering skin care products, one must know that there is a difference between using oils on the skin and moisturizer on the skin. There are many who prefer oils over moisturizer, for reasons best known to them. However, when using oils, it would be wise to know that they are to be applied last. Go ahead and layer your serums that are water-based first, and to lock it in, layer the oil drops in it to lock the product in. When using one product after another, give it some time (a couple of seconds) before the next product is used. This would allow the product to settle in. Remember, water and oil DO NOT MIX. This is the universal truth. Hence, lighter serums penetrate into the dermis faster than what a heavy hydrator would. If you are not a fan of using oils, you can go ahead and use moisturizer, using the same tips we mentioned. From one product to another to layer, give it time.

During the day

Sun protection is a must during the day. The last step of any skin care routine is always SPF usage. You can go ahead and add a moisturizer on top of that, said no one ever. This is because the protection factor in SPF would be messed with it. This would thus beat the purpose of using a moisturizer or an SPF. Make sure the application and layering of the SPF and the moisturizer is light and slow. If you are in doubt about the same, always speak to a specialist or a skin care expert and then go ahead and do your routine.

Now that we gave you a gist of the right skin care layering technique, let’s take a look at what is the right and the exact way to layer products on our skin, shall we? Please read on and get all the information you need.

Here is the exact way to layer products on your skin

1. We start with a cleanser

You would need a clear canvas to begin your skin care layering with, and that is the number one rule. Hence, cleansing is the first step, to begin with. This is why skin care experts would ask you to cleanse morning and night. When choosing a face cleanser, you have to pick up one that is good for your skin condition or type. If you have normal to dry skin, it would be best to use ingredients that have ceramides and glycerine in them. It helps boost the skin’s acid mantle and the barrier of the skin. You can also opt for an oil-based cleanser if you have super dry skin. For women who have skin that is very oily, it would be best to opt for formulas that are gel based. Washing and cleaning your skin twice a day is a must, but at night, it is most important to do so before you head to bed. This would help your skin stay clear of dirt and oil, pollutants and makeup remnants; the accumulation of the day.

Skin care cleanser

Source: target.com

4. Go ahead and use a serum

Serums are best for specific needs of the skin, since they help target all issues of the skin. Issues of the skin could range from acne to dullness, dark spots to dryness and more. Serums are known to be delivery systems that work to deliver active ingredients specific for an issue or a problem of the skin. For different times of the day or the night, there are specialized formulas and serums to use. Antioxidant packed serums are best used for the daytime, because it keeps the skin safe from the UVA and the UVB rays of the sun, and the pollution too. A vitamin C based serum is good to use, since it has a lot of antioxidants in it, but do not overuse it or the skin would dry out soon. With regard to serum usage for layering skin care night time, it would be best to use serums that are retinol based, which helps with skin regeneration while you snooze. Serums for the evening help provide the skin with ingredients that help repair the skin and also boost production of collagen too. The next morning, you would notice a supple and a soft complexion.

5. The moisturizer now comes into play

This is perhaps the most important of all steps, and we are talking about using moisturizers. They help hydrate the skin well, and all the goodness of the ingredients are sealed in. However, when you are using a moisturizer during the day, the lotion should be a lightweight one. The heavier ones should be left for the night. Check the labels on the product and then pick the one you need. Do not make the mistake of using a day moisturizer for the night, and vice-versa.

Skin care layering moisturizer

Source: beautyheaven.com

Finally, we shall use the SPF

While you do not need SPF before you hit the bed, it is but an absolute essential in the mornings. This would be the finale of the skin care layering technique. It helps protect the skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun- UVA and UVB especially. It also protects the skin from free radicals which if left unchecked can lead to ageing sings and even cancers of the skin too. Hence, SUNSCREEN SHOULD NOT BE MISSED! You have to apply SPF regularly before you head out; half an hour before you head out into the sun preferably.

SPF Guide

We hope this mini guide on how to go about with skin care layering technique comes in handy. Do write in and let us know if you follow these rules to the T, or if you have been told by a specialist to follow another routine. We are eager to know what your skin care layering technique, is like!

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