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Love The Twiggy Eye Look? Here’s How to Emulate the 70’s Makeup Styles

by Fashionlady
70s Makeup Styles

70s Makeup Styles

The 70’s makeup styles is one that is still etched in our minds, and if you wouldn’t want to go loud this season, you could emulate the 70’s makeup styles that were subtle and very natural.

70’s Eye Makeup Tutorial – Quite a Retro Scene

Talking of the 70’s makeup styles, the scene back then was very retro and inspiring. It was all about the glow and the gloss, but with a subtle amalgamation so fine that women wouldn’t want to be caught without them.

70s Eye Makeup Tutorial


A Breath Of Fresh Air

Yes, the 70’s eye makeup tutorial which we would talk about and show you right now would be a breath of fresh air. From the 80s till 2000, it was a time of heavy foundation, and very bright or dark liners with plenty of mascara. However, in the 70s, the scene was that of subtle hints and touches, that brought about an iconic look.

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70s Eye Makeup

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What About The Lips?

The 70s woman flaunted her luscious lips, balancing it with eye makeup quite gentle. The full retro look also focused on the bronze and tan look too, which is why you should stock up on plenty of bronzer.

1970s Eye Makeup Tips

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You really don’t need those dark red lipsticks anymore, especially with the 70s look since the naturalness wouldn’t come through with bright glossy touches. What you should opt for is the nude glossy touch, pinks and peaches too.

70s Pastel Twiggy Eyes

Source: blogspot.com

Eyes Were Shimmery

When doing up the eyes, you should not use too much dark black kohl or mascara. What you could in fact use would be frosty shimmery and pale touches or earthy tones for the eyes- eyeshadow and eye kajal alike. But don’t forget the twiggy eyelashes! Twiggy looks were haute for the 70s and without them; your makeup would be bland.

70s Makeup Tutorial

Source: farnazfever.com

Healthy Rosy Cheeks

For the 70s look, having a healthy rosy cheek was a must so choose your foundation shade accordingly. The look should be very natural, hence a foundation closest to the skin tone for the glowing nude look is a must to use. This would help accentuate your natural beauty.

70s Makeup Tips

Source: farnazfever.com

But don’t forget to highlight and contour the cheekbones- they were HIGH in the 70s.

Zeenat Aman

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Bronzer Is a Must

While highlighting your cheekbones, or before doing that, it would be a must to choose the right bronzer to get that tanned look. This would be perfect for day time wear and for day time parties.

Farah Fawcett

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How To Get The Farah Fawcett Look!

Here is a mini tutorial on how to get the FARAH FAWCETT look.

  1. Cleanse, tone and moisturize your skin with the best products
  2. The foundation you use should be of a warm shade, which would blend well with a great bronzer in warm tones. This brings about the tan look much needed.
  3. Start by applying the foundation first and then concealing your problem areas on the skin
  4. Next, we shall now with light feather strokes add a little yellow shimmer powder (just a pinch) to a large bowl of bronzer powder and mix them well.
  5. With the of a damp sponge, we shall set the base well on the skin and allow the blending to come as clean
  6. Now with a buffer brush, we shall with light feather strokes apply the bronze shimmer mix only once, and with the same buffer brush in circular motions blend the rest away.
  7. For the cheeks, we would stick to the warm tone family again. Choose colors such as warm browns, peaches and pinks, apricots to blend in well with the bronze look. Remember to keep the cheeks healthy and flushed with three strokes of blush.
  8. To emulate the 70’s pastel twiggy eyes, we shall use bronze and copper shimmer shadows for the natural gorgeous look to come through and for a sultry effect as well. Start with the inner corner of the eyes with a light shade of copper till the mid section of the lids. From the mid section you shall use bronze metallic tones and blend it into the eyelids to form a perfect gradient. For the lower lash line, use brown or white pencil or the two together and smudge with an angular brush. However, the look has to be soft so using a stroke of soft matte brown shadow for the upper and lower lids would make the eyes look soft and sultry.
  9. Mascara should be three strokes for the upper lash and two for the lower lash, and combed into sections for the 70’s pastel twiggy eyes to come through.
  10. Finally, nude lips or peach lips with a hint of gloss completes the look!
Farah Fawcett Makeup

Source: hubstatic.com

This is how the 1970s eye makeup tips and the overall look is manifested!

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