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Make Use Of Our pH Balanced Shampoo List For Thicker, Longer, Stronger And Shinier Locks

by Fashionlady
ph balanced shampoo list

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We often come across the term ‘pH balanced shampoo’ online and there are various rave reviews about the same. Don’t be confused, rather read on and understand the meaning of the pH balanced shampoo list you hear about. There are many brands and manufacturers that have high-quality shampoos being made and provided out to the masses each year, each with their own benefits and goodness to use. So, here is your pH balanced shampoo list talk made easy for you to understand, and this is for all hair types as well.

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Why Use The PH Balanced Shampoo List? Manufacturers have understood the importance of baring it all with the masses, and letting us know what ingredients are being used as well. This is not only for public interest, but the companies now are playing it safe, because no one wants a stray legal case against them. If you are ken on making your own pH balanced shampoo list, by all means do your research and let us also know the same. But as of now, here is what we would like to present you with, to keep your hair bouncy, long, strong and vibrant.

list of ph acid balanced shampoos

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PH Balanced Homemade Shampoo – Pledge To Go Sulfate Free!

Yes, you don’t need sulfates anymore to clean the scalp and wash your hair, not when you could either buy or use pH balanced homemade shampoo. So what is the pH levels of shampoo that we should attain?

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With regard to pH levels, we would look at the alkalinity or the acidity levels of the shampoo, which we use daily. A shampoo would be judged on the number of hydrogen ions in the bottle contained, determining the alkaline levels or the acidic levels of the potion. From 0-14, the pH levels would be valued upon and thereby classify a shampoo too.

If your product is between the range of 0-7, we would call it acidic. Should the product be just 7, we would say it is neutral, and if the product is anywhere between 7-14, the product would be termed alkaline! Did you know? Your hair and skin has a pH level between 4.5 to 5.5!

ph balanced shampoo lists

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Now Think Of The Shampoo You Use

Walk into the washroom and check the bottle of shampoo in the cabinet. Most shampoos (detergent based) are with an alkaline touch, with citric acid forming the main ingredient in them. This is a fair deal and an effective formula to keep the hair and the scalp clean. But the citric levels in the shampoo are always on the higher side, making the shampoo alkaline by nature, which is why the use of water in abundance is done so as to bring down the levels of pH in the shampoo. Some companies also use glycolic acid too, and that is exactly what we want you to avoid, since the scalp can be irritated and it would turn flaky!


ph balanced shampoo

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Get Educated On The Levels Of pH Safe For Your Hair

While shopping for any shampoo or pH balanced shampoo brands, it would be wise to choose one that has a balanced level I them. Remember, the outer surface of your hair has tiny cuticles or overlapping scales that protect the real hair strand. If you use shampoos with very high alkaline content in them, the cuticles are forced open and exposed to the elements and vagaries around. The cortex or the outer surface of the hair is branded open now, which makes the hair weaker, brittle and easy to damage too. Now you know why after using certain shampoos, your hair is still tangled, rough and easy to break!

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ph balanced shampoos

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Let’s go reverse instead and use shampoos that have very nominal acidic base. This should be in sync with the pH levels of the cuticles, so that they remain closed and helps lock the moisture in as well. In addition to that, the hair’s natural oils too would be kept intact. When your hair is nice and moisturized, the strands of hair you have would not be affected by the hair drying routine or by any product you use. This would mean, shinier, longer, stronger hair for keeps. Even if you have coloured your hair recently, using one of the shampoos from the list of pH acid balanced shampoos, would be advised.

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