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Top Celeb Looks To Take Makeup Inspiration From!

by Fashionlady
Celebrity Look Alike

Wasn’t there a day when you saw a particular celeb and decided – I want to look just like her! I wonder how she did that makeup! Well, for starters, the celeb in question definitely did not do the makeup on her own.

Celebrity Makeup

Source: instyle.com

Celebrity makeup is a big industry and there are tons of makeup artists in this world who dedicate their time, energy, and talent only on their celeb client. Celebrity style is always a subject of the media attention as it creates a frenzy among millions of fans worldwide. Celebs always have a bevy of people with them to make them look like they do both on-screen and off-screen.

But don’t fret just because you don’t have a makeup artist like them. In fact, you have come to the right place. This article will give you tips on how to test drive your favorite celeb looks or in short, how to look just like your favorite celeb! So take out your notepads and start jotting these tips we are sharing with you. Yes, you can thank us later!

Top Tips To Nail Celebrity Makeup:

Here are the hottest makeup trends endorsed by celebs that you should try.

1. Rihanna’s Pink Lashes:

If it’s fashion that is risqué, you can trust our favorite bad girl Riri to be a trailblazer. Rihanna is known for rocking some of the looks that you wouldn’t even imagine in your wildest dreams – for instance, the neon pink look here.

Rihanna Makeup

Source: tomandlorenzo.com

In her recent Coachella promotions for Fenty beauty, Rihanna’s stylist dressed her up in a neon pink tank top, put some neon pink on her lips and cheeks – but the show stealer in this look were her bright and pink lashes – so a mascara that’s pink – we are so ready! We just hope Riri is coming up with something like that!

How to get the look:

NYX Color Mascara

Source: BestProducts.com

NYX’s color mascara will do the trick for you and it will come at a price that wouldn’t even pinch your pockets!

2. Selena’s Quirky Red Eye Makeup:

The funny thing about the makeup industry is that no one knows what’s going to be a hit and what a miss. For instance, makeup artist Hung Vanngo definitely did not think that his red eyeshadow look for Selena is going to be such a hit.

Selena Gomez Red Eye Makeup

Source: glamour.com

He used this look on Selena for the American Music Awards and fans actually went berserk trying to copy the look.

How to get the look:

Manic Panic Vampire Red Eyeshadow

Source: amazon.com

Manic Panic Vampire Red Eyeshadow will be the perfect one to nail your Selena Gomez look!

3. Ruby Rose’s Modern Metallic Frosty Look:

Do you want an instant highlighter for your eyes? Well, Ruby Rose and her makeup artist found just the trick that could work for everyone – using a silver eyeliner! Curl and volumize your lashes to make them look fluttery (how cute!) and then use a glittery eye liner pencil or liquid both on your eyelid and the lower lashline for the maximum effect.

Try the Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Cuff to give a virtual makeover to your eyes and nailing the frosty-metallic look.

4. Kendall Jenner’s Awe-inspiring Mermaid Eyeshadow:

Created by the legendary makeup artist Pat McGrath, Kendall Jenner and a bunch of other models rocked this mermaid eye makeup look with such panache that we couldn’t help but wonder how great this would look on us!

Kendall Jenner Mermaid Eyeshadow

Source: fashiontrendseeker.com

Using the teal blue and green colors complete with some glitter eye shadow in the same colors, this look is what makes our aqua dreams come true.

How to get the look:

Get your hands on the Kat Von D’s Metal Matte Eyeshadow Palette and an angled brush. Focus your attention on your lower lashline. Add the lightest shades to the inner corner of the eye and graduate to darker shades as you move outward.

5. Margot Robbie’s Wide-Eyed Look:

Most people think that white eyeliner looks good only on the lower lashline and can actually make your eyes look big, but Margot Robbie’s makeup artist used white eyeliner on her upper eyelid as well, giving the classic colored eyeliners a miss.

Margot Robbie Makeup

Source: onvacations.co

Needless to say, the look is perfect! The rest of her makeup was kept dewy and fresh and pink-toned – most of it was minimal and directed the attention to the white liner.

How to get the look:

To create this look, you can use L’Oréal Paris Infallible Paints Eyeliner in White Party. A great eyeliner that wouldn’t even burn a hole in your pocket!

6. Twiggy’s Luscious Lashes:

If you were in the 60s, you would have definitely loved Twiggy’s fashion and her extremely notable eyelashes. For Selena’s look in the 21st century, Twiggy was a major inspiration. Keeping most of her makeup minimal, Selena’s makeup artists concentrated heavily on her lashes and gave her the ultimate 60s look. She literally looked like she stepped out of the sassy sixties!

Twiggys Luscious Makeup

Source: teenvogue.com

How to get the look:

Apply a generous coat of False Lashes Extreme Black, MAC mascara and flutter your eyelashes fliratiously.


7. Kylie Jenner’s Dark Lipstick for the Night:

If there is any lipcolor that Kylie Jenner has not flaunted, she definitely would not have been the queen of lip kits. Now, a multi-millionaire at just 20, Kylie rocked signature black lips that shook the makeup fraternity.

Kylie Jenner Dark Lipstick

Source: people.com

Little did people know that this was actually Kylie using her ingenuity and it wasn’t a lipstick that she was flaunting, but it was actually black eyeliner that she used to create this matte black look.

How to get the look:

For all the fashionistas who want to recreate their fav makeup queen’s look, they should just play safe and buy her signature makeup range. She loved the effect so much that she actually went ahead and created an entire range of matte black lip colors and named them ‘Dead of Knight’.

8. Lupita’s Coral Lipshade:

Lupita Nyong’o is fierce and extremely pretty and even with her ebony skin, she has pulled off every look that her makeup artists have experimented and tried on her. Maybe it’s the confidence that is synonymous with her personality, but even while wearing a lipcolor like coral that most of us would shy away from, she looked like an absolute dream. To add to the color splash, her makeup artist used a myriad of colors on her eyelids – pink, red, golden, blue and purple – and guess what? Her look was iconic and garnered immense praise.

Lupita Nyongo Makeup

Source: essence.com

How to get this look:

You can pout prettily using the Lancome Juicy Shaker in Great Fruit and rock the coral lip shade this summer.

9. Ariana’s Baby Doll Lashes:

Ariana Grande is famous for her child-like looks and big, innocent eyes. Top it with baby doll lashes that flutter oh-so-innocently. But what makes it even better are the gemstones on her cheekbones. Not only do these make her look angelic, but they also reflect her quirky side!

Ariana Grande Makeup

Source: teenvogue.com

How to get the look:

Pick a volumizing mascara like MAC Haute and Naughty along with the classic Maybelline Great Lash to look like a glam goddess.

So, these were some of our favorite celeb looks that you can easily mimic at home to be a celebrity look alike. These celebrity looks are bold and different and will surely turn quite a few heads everywhere. All you need to do is to choose a look that will suit your personality the most – all the best!

Tell us your favorite celeb look from the list in the comments box below.

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