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Many Benefits Of Beeswax For Skin That You Might Not Have Known

by Fashionlady
Beeswax Skin Cream

Beeswax For Skin

The properties of beeswax that help in improving the condition of the skin and its texture has been widely recognized and a large number of toiletry brands have lately started using beeswax for skin care products. Apart from cosmetic use, this natural ingredient also aids in treating a number of medical condition of the skin. Acne, rashes, eczema, and dry skin problems are few of such conditions. Beeswax locks the moisture in the skin, forsters skin cells and protects the skin from all environmental damages. It has effective anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and antioxidant properties which are beneficial for all skin types. You may use beeswax to take care of your day to day skin troubles.

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Beeswax Benefits For Skin

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Beeswax as Natural Face Moisturizer

Beeswax is a natural face moisturizer that helps in locking moisture into the skin. This quality has made it a significant component in a range of creams and lotions formulated specially for treating dry skin conditions. Beexwax treats Dry skin conditions. As I said, beeswax is rich in Vitamin A, and this vitamin also leads to the development of healthy skin cells. Beeswax, hence, acts as a natural moisturizer, and prevents the skin from further dryness. Here is one of the most used beeswax skin care recipes for curing skin dryness. Get some raw beeswax from the store and mix it with few drops of vitamin E oil and almond oil. Use it regularly before hitting the bed. In a couple of months you will see noticeable changes.

Natural Face Moisturizer

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Other helpful benefits of beeswax include

1. Beeswax To Cure Break Outs

The usefulness of beeswax in the treatment of acne and its further control is well known. It is loaded with strong antiseptic and anti-inflammatory qualities which work towards the fast treatment of acne. Also, Vitamin-A present in beeswax proves to be an added advantage for curing acne. It works as an excellent skin softener and acts as an emollient maintaining the smoothness of the skin texture once the acne is gone.


2. Beeswax For Killing Eczema

As mentioned above, beeswax benefits for skin are beyond mere cosmetic purposes. With its antiseptic properties it aids in curing major medical conditions and Eczema is one of them. Eczema is a common occurrence during winters especially in people with extremely dry skin. One can treat it by applying a lotion of beeswax diluted in olive oil and substantial amount of honey on the affected area. The lotion can be used thrice daily and can treat even psoriasis. The medicinal nature of beeswax will soothe down the inflammation and prevent the bacteria to spread any further.

3. Beeswax For Soft And Supple Lips

Chapped lips is a serious and common problem during the colder months. But due to prolonged hours spent in air-conditioning, cracked and dried lips have become a year round situation. But you can take care of your chapped lips by using a beeswax balm. This effective balm can be easily made at home. Combine the beeswax with any of moisturizing oils available at home like coconut oil or olive oil and some Vitamin E oil. You can choose to put an essential oil of lemon, peppermint, or orange for lingering fragrance. If you want to add some flavor to the balm, add some honey and your perfect lip balm is ready.

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Beeswax Uses

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4. Beeswax Erases Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are common after pregnancy or after having lost some rapid weight. Apparently, beeswax has properties that can help you get rid of those marks. Get some wheat germ oil to act as a base and dilute the beeswax in it. This can be used as it is or you may add some vitamin E oil or cocoa butter to add to its benefits. Use this solution twice daily. You will observe notable changes sooner than you can think.

Apart from these homemade packs beeswax face creams and beeswax skin creams are widely available in luxury skin and body shops. Though the product is hundred percent natural and non-toxic, those who are allergic to honey might get themselves tested for reactions from beeswax. Most of the people take advantages of the multiple beeswax uses without getting any allergies. Hence, it is safe to use beeswax for skin troubles and its herbal properties will effectively cure a number of skin problems, both cosmetic and medical in nature.

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