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Menses Talk: Different Types of Pads for Different Reasons

by Fashionlady
Different Types of Pads

Different Types of Pads

Don’t be ashamed of the menstrual cycle you experience once every month. This is a time when the body is proudly telling you how it is preparing the uterus for the miracle of conception. Cut to reality and the mood is not in the pink of moments. All hell does break loose, and the aim is to keep calm without having to throw a vase across the room on hubby dearest.

In India, most of us women are adept at the concept of sanitary pads, and most that we buy online or at brick and mortar outlets, have coatings on them. Some of us may have very sensitive lady parts; the coatings make allergies happen thereof.

Pads for Different Reasons

Source: winalitehealthde.com

Wake up girls!

Did you know not all sanitary pads are meant for the same reason and period! Drop your jaws if you please, before rushing to pick up the next queen sized pack, here’s a new approach on how to pick and use (very important) sanitary pads for those dreaded five days! Read on and be well-informed.

1. Washable organic pads are the best buys

Why? As the name suggest, washable organic pads are made from 100 percent pure cotton with attached wings for comfort. Some of them last for as long as two decades, and should be ‘washed’ daily. There are companies that manufacture ‘eco-friendly’ pads for daily use and re-use; with a wash of course!

Washable organic pads

Source: gstatic.com

2. Stocking up for an all-night out is different

As the day turns into the night and you are out with the girls till wee hours of the morning, if the five dreaded days beckon, all hell breaks loose in your head. Shun the insecurities and fear, and tackle the menses nonsense in style. What you need are ‘all-night’ pads, and they aren’t bulky or big to wear and use. Slip into one of them and party as much as you want through the night; no worries, no leaks and the ultra-thin feel keeps you happy!

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Sanitary pads

Source: truemart.in


3. Coping up with the flow

If you thought picking up just one type of sanitary pads would save you a penny more, think again. Do you think a panty liner would help as much on day three as it would on day one? Remember, the flow differs from one day to the next. It could be heaviest on day two and a trickle on day four, which is why a ‘medium flow’ sanitary pad, also known as ‘regular napkins’ should be bought.

Regular napkins pads

Source: wrigglesgiggles.co.uk

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4. The importance of panty liners

Most Indian women are yet to open up to the idea of using ‘panty liners’. There would be days when the tolerance levels in you run amok, thanks to the unwanted ‘spotting’ your BFF or mom points out. Instead of using the bulkier pads to stay safe and clean, the ultra-thin ones to use when the flow is a little less would be an apt decision to make. The unwanted use of thick and bulky pads can lead to rashes, why bring that trauma for no reason!

Panty liners

Source: vitality4life.com.au

5. The days when the river runs wild

Heavy flow days are our worst nightmare, especially for women who are constantly on the go. There isn’t much that we women can do about the ‘excess flow’, and the discomfort factor can be very annoying to say the least. Add to that the long-hours of bearing it all, and we do not wish to even talk about it any further. Ask your chemist for the robust of all sanitary napkins, those that last long hours and can absorb more than what the regular or medium one can do!

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