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Halle Berry – The Bond Beauty’s Makeup Tips Revealed

by Fashionlady
Bond Beauty’s Makeup Tips

Bond Beauty’s Makeup Tips

Nahla (Halle Berry’s daughter) is one lucky woman to have a yummy mummy of course, but the buck doesn’t stop rolling there. Moms across the world are the most gorgeous of the lot, needless to say, but when we talk about the BOND BEAUTY; our dusky siren takes the cake.

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An Ageless Saga in the New – Age

Ageless in appearance and with a luminescent look to flaunt, Halle Berry, our doting Bond Beauty and now in her forties somewhat evolves and stuns the world with her exclusive looks and charms, acting skills too.

Halle Berry makeup tips

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Her favourite cosmetic brand

Go back to the mid-90s, a time when Revlon was looking for a face to launch their products. Halle Berry was the face they chose, and rightly so! What began as a journey back then for the actress, we now see the same on her, literally. An epitome of beauty, the Goddess of gorgeous glowing chocolate skin, what else do we define the Bond Beauty, an Oscar award winner and a loving mother as?

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Halle Berry favourite cosmetic

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Halle Berry in most interviews waxes eloquent on Colorstay by Revlon. The actress speaks of the products from Revlon with total faith. In addition to that, she also is an ardent user of the famous RED CARPET FACIAL KIT, which says a lot as to why her skin looks so radiant and soft. The light peel is what she uses before she dolls up for a red carpet event, a charity show or maybe a dinner out with family.

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Halle Berry beauty makeup tips

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Can’t blame the shutterbugs going ga-ga over her now, can we?

Bond Beauty Makeup Tutorial

Even while shopping for groceries, the Bond Beauty was caught with glowing skin at a store near LA last month! What’s the secret, since there was no makeup traces on her! Here’s how to bring on the character of JINX (Halle Berry’s role in the movie as the BOND BEAUTY).

  • Conceal your blemishes, dark spots and flaws with a reputed concealer
  • Apply foundation, choose one closest to your skin tone and matte
  • The eyebrows need to be arched upwards, with a pinch of shimmery brown eye shadow
  • Powder around the eye zone with translucent loose powder, and dab a little near the arch of the brow bone to prep the look
  • Light brown to copper metallic tones for the eye shadow routine should be done
  • Start colouring the lids from the middle, all the way to the corner of the lids
  • Blend the corner and the outside of the lids with a lighter shade of copper, using a wide thick brush
  • For the lower lashes, use a deep brown eyeliner; dab one stroke of shimmering copper on them as well for the intense look
  • Draw a smidge line on the corner of the eyes with the brown eyeliner, which brings on the luminous touch to the eyes.
  • Volumnizing mascara should be used to thicken the lashes, and we would need two coats for the upper water line and one coat for the lower water line, respectively.
  • Choose a colour tone closest to the lid shade for bronzer, which would even out the luminous glow
  • Pinks and peaches for one stroke of the blush on the cheekbones would be enough
  • For the lips, keep it pouty and matte in nudes and pinks!
Halle Berry beauty makeup tutorial

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Busy as she is, she still takes out time

To doll up like the Bond Beauty is a desire that most PYTs have, and Halle Berry has proven it to the world that you could be any skin tone and shade; if you take care of your skin, it thanks you immensely.

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Bond beauty makeup

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Here were the secrets to that sexy luminous JINX Bond Beauty look as flaunted by Halle Berry in her movie “Die Another Day”! We hope you loved these tips and much as we did, penning them down for you. Have fun girls and save the world through your chic touches!

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