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Must Try Uses Of Baking Soda For Hair

by Fashionlady
baking soda for hair

baking soda for dandruff

Have you tried every possible type of shampoo for your hair and still not satisfied with the results? Every individual has unique kind of hair and different hair problems. From hair fall to dandruff to oily hairs; sometimes those shampoos and conditioner claiming to be herbal also fail to live up to the expectations. In that case, we suggest using the understated and humble baking soda present in every household. Baking soda can be a natural as well as inexpensive remedy for most of your hair problems.

Let us show you some tried and tested methods on how to use baking soda for hair.

You might have heard some contrary information from the net that baking soda may damage your hair or can increase the chances of hair loss. But in reality it is a natural product which helps cleanse your hair from dirt and other chemicals making your hair lighter and cleaner. But what is important is to use the quantity of baking soda and other ingredients as per the direction. If you overdo it, there are chances of damage and if you under-do then there will not be any effect on your hair.

Check out some easy-peasy ways in which you can use baking soda for hair

Baking Soda For Dandruff

Most of the women at some or the other time has faced the problem of dandruff in their hair. In spite of trying various remedies it always reappears. Baking soda is an effective and easy formula for your dandruff woes. You can use baking soda for dandruff for any hair type.


  • Lemon Juice
  • Baking Soda

Method: To get rid of dandruff flakes from your scalp you are required to use lemon juice and baking soda. You need to squeeze juice from one lemon and take one teaspoon baking soda. Form a paste from this mixture and apply in your scalp area especially where dandruff is prominent. Now let the paste be on your hair for at least 3-5 minutes. Then rinse your hair with water. You should repeat this activity every week at least once until your dandruff stops reappearing.

how to use baking soda for hair

Source: bestherbalhealth.com

Baking Soda For Oily Hair

How annoying it can be when one day after washing your hair, they look oily and smelly. Well baking soda can cure this problem too. As baking soda is alkaline in nature, it can help in controlling the pH level and your scalp can be clean and oil free.


  • Baking Soda
  • Shampoo

Method: You need to use baking soda with your regular shampoo. So, when you start washing your hair next time you need to add 1 tsp of baking soda to your shampoo. Wash your hairs as you always do. Repeat this for better results.

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Did You Know: There is a quicker way also to get rid of this problem. You can use baking soda and corn starch in their original form. They can work as dry shampoo. Just sprinkle them on your scalp and comb your hair. You will be amazed with the results.


ways to use baking soda for hair

Source: sheknows.com

Baking Soda For Hair Lightening

Do you spend tons of money just for those shiny blond hairs? Add to that the damage caused by harmful chemicals used by certain beauty salons. You might be surprised, but baking soda is an easy as well as convenient method to go blonde. We can tell you an easy way on how to use baking soda for hair colour.


Baking Soda For Chlorine Free Hair

All the water lovers can now heave a sigh of relief. Don’t give up swimming for the fear of your hair getting affected by chlorine. You can now use baking soda for hair to make them healthier and free from chlorine.

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After swimming wash your hair with plain water and then make a paste of baking soda with warm water and wash with the said solution. When you do this your hair will feel light and this is an indication that your hair is clean and free from chemicals.

baking soda

Source: prevention.com

Baking Soda For Hair Volume

You might not use baking soda for hair growth but you can obviously use it for giving volume to your damp hair. Yes it is easy for your hair to look healthy and fluffy when you use baking soda with your regular shampoo.


  • Baking Soda
  • Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Shampoo

Method: You need to take almost a quarter of baking soda with your shampoo. After this take some apple cider vinegar and apply on your hair and then rinse it off. Your hair now feel fuller and livelier.

Baking Soda for Hair Growth

Source: amyrogershays.com

Did you know these uses of baking soda for hair? We are sure they are unheard off but definitely worth a try.

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