Now Bid Adieu to Oily Skin: Fashionlady at Your Rescue


You have been dealing with greasy skin for years. Do not be disheartened. Oily skin is pretty stubborn and notorious. The hyperactive sebaceous glands of your skin are the actual culprit, which make your face look like an oil-soaked pan – slippery and lardy. Oily skin is always prone to pimples and acne.

The only advantage of having oily skin is that it does not lead to wrinkles and breakouts, as the sebum present in its glands retains the moisture in your skin. Other than that having oily skin is nothing less than nightmare for fashionista.

Ask any girl/woman who has oil-soaked face and how she combats with blemishes, acnes, whiteheads and comedones day in and day out. So, my darlings, who unfortunately fall into this category should go through this edition carefully.

The basic trick to keep your face flawless and glowing is to understand your skin type and follow the guidelines to overcome this smeary beauty issue. The key to obtaining oil-free skin is to religiously stick to a regimen daily and make sure you never skip it. Be assured your skin will eventually thank you for it.

When it comes to applying makeup, it has always been a daunting task for oily skin. You have to find perfect makeup products with guidelines to follow. The best way is to take this as a thumb rule – Less is more! Wear minimal makeup to tackle with this beauty ailment.

I offer you 5 basic rules to follow while applying makeup on oily skin. Do have a read!

#1 Tone it up

It is important to prepare your skin for makeup, especially when it’s waxy. Always go for the right kind of toner, which can balance the oil composition of your face. I recommend you to go for apple cider vinegar, as it comprises of antiseptic and anti-bacterial properties to deal with the skin problems.

apple-cider-vinegar-toner-for-oily-skinWhy toning?

Well, I give you 6 good reasons, which are enough to convince you to use toner –

  1. Toner restores the pH balance of your skin
  2. It shrinks the pores on your face
  3. The humectants present in toner help retain the moisture of your skin
  4. They remove oil and dirt from your skin acting like a face wash
  5. Toner secures your face with a protection layer by tightening the the skin cell gaps
  6. It consists of alpha hydroxy acid that prevent hair growth on your face

#2 Minimal is the key

As I have already discussed above, the golden rule is to use as less makeup items as you can. Reduce the number of layers of makeup on your face. Use foundation that contains SPF 15. This helps you to cut out the sunblock layer from your face.


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