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Pakistani Bridal Hairstyles: Hair Glamour For Your Special Day

by Fashionlady
Pakistani Wedding Hairstyles

Pakistani Bridal Hairstyles

Wedding season is on in full swing and social media (Our Facebook walls, Instagram feeds) are brimming with beautiful looking brides. But a lot goes into making a bride look that way. She has to have the perfect makeup, the best dress and of course a stunning hairstyle to complete her look. Pakistani bridal hairstyles are pretty popular with a lot of brides because of their intricate and elegant designs. Brides who sport Pakistani bridal hairstyles literally look ethereal. In this article we will discuss a few of the best Pakistani hairstyles that a bride should sport.

Best Pakistani Hairstyles

The Side Braid with Flowers or Jewels: If you are not a fan of the pallu, then you can ask your stylist for this hairstyle. The simple hairstyle looks elegant and lets you leave the hair loose. You simply have to weave in some jewelry or flowers depending on your taste and choice of outfit. You can also ask your stylist to curl and use mousse in your hair to make it look like you have a lot of volume. The puffier your braid is, the better it looks!

 Pakistani Nice Hairstyles

Weave in some orchids for an even classier look:

Beautiful Pakistani Hairstyles

This loose French braid does not need accessories because the bride is already wearing clothes which have heavy work in them. Wearing stuff in your hair in this case will not be effective:

Pakistani Wonderful Bridal Hairstyles

The Updo with Flowers or jewelry: Buns and updos are also popular Pakistani bridal hairstyles and can be worn if you are not too comfortable keeping your hair open. You can choose to curl your hair and make a loose updo and add flowers to your hair or you can even decide to have a tight bun. The choice is yours! What makes it different from the others is how you add accessories to it.

Like this bride who decided to go with this huge white flower

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Pakistani Engagement Hairstyles

You can substitute your updo with a wreath of jewelry too instead of a strand of flowers. Like we said before, the entire look depends on how YOU would like to carry off your entire outfit and hair.

These are two options when it comes to Pakistani bridal hairstyles:

Pakistani Bridal Hairstyle

You can even upgrade your updo with a braid weaved into your hairstyle. This one looks even more intricate and delicate when done right:

Pakistani Hairstyle

If you have medium length curly hair, you can simply twist and turn your hair and add a crown to your hairstyle:


Pakistani Hairstyle For Bride

Another variation of loose curls:

Loose Curls For Pakistani Bridal

For a bride who has long hair, you can have a complete makeover by simply changing the colour of your hair. Add a very few number of curls to this and let your hair loose. The result is stunning too:

Pakistani Bridal Beautiful Hair Style

Add a statement maang tika to your hair. You wouldn’t need anything else if you have a stunning headpiece like that. Remember not to add too much bling to your outfit because you will end up nullifying the entire look!

Pakistani Bridal New Hair Style

The open hair style is also very popular as Pakistani engagement hairstyles and it’s actually like keeping your hair open, except that you are tying it in a high pony:

Pakistani Bridal Nice Hair Style

Being a bride is not an easy job, especially since there are so many things to take care of. But concentrate on keeping a few things right and the rest will fall into place!
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