Perfume For Your Zodiac Signs – Zodiacally Smelling Good


Perfume For Your Zodiac Signs - Zodiacally Smelling Good
Believe it or not, the deos and perfumes you use, tells the world a lot about you, your lifestyle, your personality and your soul. We all have a ‘signature smell’, one that talks volumes about our spirit and aura, just as layers of perfume mixes would. Ever realised how the 12 mystical zodiac signs are so ‘human-like’; elusive and complex? Keeping this in mind, and fascinated by all things fragrant, please read on to know which perfume best suits the star you were born under.


Quite the innovators and creators, Aries- the first sign of the twelve would always ensure things happen on an incredibly quick pace. The best perfumes for the vibrant imaginations’ fueling needs would range from angelica to rose, frankincense to lavender, sandalwood to cinnamon. They help cool the senses so fiery and feisty, allowing the Aries man or woman to realise their dreams!

Try: Dior Hypnotic Poison



Sensually realistic as they are and pretty much ruled by the Goddess of Love (Venus), Taureans are resistant and compassionate in equal measure to being influenced by the world. Earthy smells and tones are a must for Taureans to bathe in – oakmoss, geranium, rose, grapefruit, vetiver and neroli, helps the Taurus man or woman with optimism and flexibility, to lighten their mood and lower down their shrewdness too.

Try: Jo Malone Wood Sage and Sea Salt



Agile thinkers and perfect masterminds they are, Gemini people have an ability to dazzle and shine, while looking at a problem through all angles. The best smells on them would come from gardenia, angelica, violet, leather and amber; Gemini folks love to present an alluring aura wherever called.

Try: Gucci Flora by Gucci—Gorgeous Gardenia



Quite the bohemian at heart but very level-headed too, Cancerians are the only sign in the zodiac guided by Lady Luna (Moon), hence the free-spiritedness and adventurous personality they flaunt. Cancerians are devoted to their home and family, are very generous folks and clever in all their deals. They have a mischievous side as well, hence aromas such as Lily of the Valley, patchouli and mandarin, amber and vanilla too would be best for them.

Try: Stella McCartney Stella Eau de Parfum Spray



Dominating and always on the top, perfect ringleaders to have around, and ruled by the mighty sun, Leos have a charisma all too inviting and brimming of leadership qualities. The best fragrance for them thus would be from lemons, bergamot, neroli and cardamom to brighten up their personalities further.

Try: J’adore Eau de Parfum



They love to guard what they LOVE and are very finicky about quality too. Virgo men and women are romantic fools and would look for perfection in all aspects of life as well. They love to introspect and hence go deep. Very earthy by nature, they shine when fragrances such as rose, mandarin, neroli and Lily are showered on them. To help them shine with precision, they need a baked earthy touch!

Try: Versace Yellow Diamond


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Perfect connoisseurs in this world, Librans are ruled by the Goddess of Love (Venus) and are well balanced signs, lovable and very approachable too. They have wit, humour and grace, elegance and legendary skills as well. Librans come to life with the essence of grapefruit, rose, champa, basil and iris. Helps calm their nerves when worried!

Try: Caudalie Parfum Divine de Caudalie



A scorpion’s traits are very noticeable and notable; an enigmatic personality is what they have and flaunt. Call them the ‘dark horse’ of the twelve signs or the ‘mystery’ folks, scorpio’s are hard to predict. They have an iron-will for sure and hence cinnamon or frankincense would be best to enhance their knowledge and spirituality, or white cognac aromas to liven up their lives and intellect.

Try: Prada Infusion d’Iris



Rebel with a cause – that is exactly what Aquarians are. They own the game per se and would stop at nothing to admire beauty in all its forms. Rosemary and neroli thus would be the best signs to help them hone their intellectual skills, humanitarian ways and to calm their anxious nerves too.

Try: Calvin Klein Eternity Eau de Parfum Spray



They are born dreamers and very empathetic by nature. Quite the sensitive folks around and the last sign of the zodiac circle too, but wise and very reflective as well. Pisceans are those who work best with creative projects; their nature says it all. The aromas thus best for them would be from black-pepper, cedar and jasmine.

Try: Comme Des Garcons Play Black


So these are some of the best perfumes for your zodiac sign. Now that you know which perfumes would work best for you; magical and wonderful, go ahead and try them today. Do let us know your thoughts about this post, and we shall bring quirkier ones ahead for you to enjoy!


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