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Picking Up Trendy Headbands For Babies Can Be Fun

by Fashionlady
Headbands For Babies

Headbands For Babies

If you are still living under the impression that fashion is only for us, let me enlighten you on this bit a little. These days one needs to be on their toes from the very first day one is born. And quite obviously your baby who can’t even walk properly, won’t do all that by herself, so you have to play her stylist for the first years of her life. Of course, chances of her allowing you to contribute to her wardrobe after a certain age is very limited, so you better make the most of the opportunity you are getting now. One of the basic item of fashion at this age are the headband for babies.

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Cute Headbands For Girls

Here is your guide to picking up the must have cute headbands for girls.

Bow headbands for baby girls

Source: pinterest.com

Flower Headbands for Babies

Your toddler’s wardrobe just can’t afford not having at least a dozen of these basic headbands. Try and buy one with every special dress of hers. These cute headband for girls are super comfortable and are made with a soft piece of wide elastic fabric. It is accentuated with a large flower which helps in brightening up even the simplest of look.

Cute headbands for girls

Source: 500babies.com

Baby Bow Bands

Few things get associated with women from the very beginning of her life. The bow is one such items. Bows are a perfect motif to sit on everything piece of feminine wear, especially headbands for baby girls. Hence, pick up a few adorable pieces of bow bands for your toddler. They can be single colored or a combination of contrasting shades. If matched to the outfit, bows look very royal and classic. In fact the bow baby head bands are very appropriate for any day time party.

Headbands for baby girls

Source: britneyfan.net

Crochet Headbands for Babies

Another fashion accessory that deserves a special place in your li’l one’s closet is the crochet headband. Though they are available at the stores, they can be easily made at home too. There are ample number of videos in YouTube which will teach you how to make these adorable headbands at home within no time. You can knit them without much effort while doing basic things like watching television or chatting up with a neighbor. These bands can be weaved in varied designs, color matched with frock and shoes. In fact, you may even knit out cute little shoes to go with these crotchet baby bands.

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Crochet headbands for babies

Source: pinterest.com

Crowns and Tiara Bands for Girls

For a fancier look, especially when she needs to stand out of the crowd, go for the tiaras or the crown head bands. They make the best choices for her special days like the 1st of the second birthdays. Or, if you are planning to celebrate the daughter’s day in style, make her feel special, like she is your only princess by coronating her with a crown or tiara headband will serve as a memory worth revisiting in a pages of an album for a long time.

Crown headbands for babies

Source: pinterest.com

Party Wear Headbands

For a more glamorous look in an evening party, you can opt for head bands made out of satin ribbons. The wide spread includes headbands with an array of flowers with leaves stitched onto them. A few of them will also have fine lace patterns with beads and crystal works. Lace always provide the best solution for any dilemma, and it is true even in case of girl toddlers. Team up a fancy lace frock with a matching headband and she is sure to capture eyeballs. Apart from flowers and bows, a collection of colorful feathers also serve as very stylish head accessories. They can be real feathers or synthetic. If your child is allergic to feathers or pollen, it is always better to go for the synthetic or artificial feather headbands. They look absolutely natural and bring a gorgeous feel to the entire ensemble.

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Flower headbands for babies

Source: pinterest.com

Baby girl headbands

Source: pinterest.com

Apart from these you may also try your hands and creativity in making special headbands for themed parties. All the above designs are easily available at a mall near you or various websites dedicated to baby products. They are very inexpensive and quality wise they are pretty long lasting. Not only for their initial baby years, but these trendy head bands can also be worn at play school when they are around 3 or 4 years old.

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