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Headbands for Short Hair – Cool and Spicy

by Fashionlady
How to Wear a Headband

Headbands for Short Hair
In fast age life of today, everything is short and snappy. Text messages (TC stands for ‘Take Care’, MM is ‘moron malfunctioning’ which could also be ‘Maggi Madness’, tsk tsk), T-shirt size description (XL/XXL/XXXL), movie names (DDLJ vs KKHH). The list is endless. What about the clothes and hairstyles? Well, their names have to be trimmed down to our comfort level, too.

In which case how would you define short hair? They come just above our ears, and most of the time they are chin length. There are some girls who fear on the manageability of short hair but that isn’t anything to write home about. But whatever it be, headbands for short hair are here to stay, with all the poise, charm and cuteness.

Thin Headbands

Classic they are in looks and there’s no doubting it. Chin up and wear them to umpteen occasions – whether it is to the gym, work or evening out with friends in dapper shorts or skirts. Thin headbands with fabrics and flowers added to it make an interesting picture when added to your hairstyle (and this is something you will not regret).

Thin Headbands for Short Hair

Source: melissaesplin.com

Floral Headbands

What’s your take on this English actress Keira Knightley? Doesn’t she look stunning dressed up in her tousled updo? But what stands out the most is a delicate looking red coloured floral headband in her short as ever mocha brown hair locks. This short hair style is absolutely perfect for curly hair, as the headband controls the wildly done up tresses at the same time making the hairdo look pretty and girlish. All you need to do with this tousled updo is put on natural looking makeup to look gorgeous.

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Floral Headbands for Short Hair

Source: herinterest.com

Sparkly Headbands

Actress Natalie Portman makes you drool with her short locks tied up in a small bun. But what work as an icing on the cake is her sparkling headband. You can recreate it by first using a textured spray on damp hair, then pull your locks into a bun, slip a fancy looking headband into your hair and position it few gaps away from your hairline.

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Sparkly Headbands for Short Hair

Source: herinterest.com

Metal Headbands

Slip into this whimsical, chic looking and pretty boho headband. It has a metal front and patterned flower rose in metal oozing vintage style. Blobs of rose petals connected and encircling the head look oh so pretty.


Metal Headbands for Short Hair

Source: aliimg.com

Embellished Headbands

Style it Right with Hair Accessories such as the embellished headbands. This type of headband for short hair is cut out for the evenings and the night outs. As you can see, there is the embellished floral and completely jewelled headband to make your hair stand out in the crowd.

Embellished Headbands for Short Hair

Source: hairworldmag.com

Leather Headbands

If you thought leather was reserved only for handbags and shoes, think again. Leather has stayed on a material for headbands too as it sits on the hair mane in a perfect gripping manner. Whether it is a boho look or the refined classic look for a formal event, a leather headband can take you notches above in style.

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Leather Headbands for Short Hair

Source: hairworldmag.com

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