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Easy Tips On Perfecting The Flower Girl Headbands

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flower headbands

flower girl headbands

Just like you in your twenties and thirties dreamt to be your best friend’s bridesmaid, the little one enjoys it as quite an experience while paving the way for the bride, showering flowers all around. This special appearance calls for a special look. The entire ensemble needs to be arranged in a fashion to throw a challenge at the angels in the heaven above. But most of the time we spend so much attention in summing up the dress and shoes, we totally fall out on creating that perfect hair band that would glow with heavenly cherubic radiance. Donning the attire of the flower girl, your girl can rock a headband which is fully covered with flowers or has just one large statement flower. Crystal flower girls headbands are also a trend these days and are totally worth investing into. These bands made up of crystals or sequences could be reused for various occasions. Another good trick is to combine a pattern of lace with a flower motif. They make for a spectacular vision if matched appropriately with the attire.

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DIY Flower Girl Headbands

Here are a few ideas for that perfect flower girl headband that will sit on that tiny head graciously.

1. Flower headbands For The Spring

You can prepare flower headbands for girls in no time at home. All you have to do is take a regular white or black hair band and collect a few plastic flowers from your nearest home décor store. While purchasing these flowers do keep in mind the size of the child’s face. The idea is not to make the headband overpower her face. Co-ordinate the color of the flowers with that of the dress. With a thread of matching color, finely stitch these flowers across the headband, but make sure the thread should not show. Add fringes of green to kill the monotone of a single color. If your girl is less than 2 years of age, use just one big flower to make your baby a big flower headband. Though, weddings these days have girls going for pearls, crystals and laces, the flower headband style never goes out of trend.

flower headband

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2. Pearl From The Depth Of Ocean

Take a bowl full of pearls, and a plain rectangular cloth with sufficient length to go around your girl’s head. Weave the pearls on the fabric. The fabric must be strong enough to hold the weight of the pearls. Now you may stitch the ends of the fabric together, and it forms the head gear itself. All you have to do is, wrap it around the head and secure it in a knot at the nape of the neck. Cover the knot with her hair. Alternatively, you may fix pearled cloth in small pleats around an old hairband and stitch the ends finely hiding the seam. Place a matching pearl necklace on the petite neckline and she is all set to veer the limelight from the bride.

flower headband girl

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3. The Lacey Affair

You can also paste laces of various patterns and shapes on an old hairband and ice it up with little beads or accessory pieces. The decorative pieces of an old hair clip, bows or a showy button can also be put to use for the décor of these custom hair bands. Try and pick a lace that goes well with her new frock that you bought for the wedding.

flower headband styles

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girls flower headbands

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Here Are The Different Styles Of Wearing These Accentuated Head Bands That Will Catch Eyeballs:

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flower headbands for girls

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baby big flower headband

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flower headband style

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baby big flower headbands

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With a little investment, time and creativity, you can make this day the one worth of revisiting and cherishing for life. One doesn’t get the chance to play the flower girl every other year, so if she is lucky enough to make it even once, you need to give your best shot too. Click numerous pictures from various angles and poses to pack the album. For, once she grows up to have her Facebook, Twitter and Instagram account these are going to be the picture that will be used in the throwback Thursday hashtag.

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